Happy 2012!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well here we are...three days into the new year. Welcome 2012!
Remember when I said I was going to take a bit to rest and rejuvenate for the new year? That's exactly what I did and I couldn't feel more refreshed. I also wasn't paying attention to the timing of the holidays so when I said I'd be back on January 1st, I had great intentions but just couldn't bear the thought of logging in on off days. (Sometimes, a girl's just gotta unplug. Do you ever feel that way?) Plus, (crazy confession) I get overwhelmed with the thought of the first post in the new year. (So much pressure!)

So as I was saying...here we are. What a fab year 2011 was, huh?

In January, we discussed open toed shoes with tights and created dream boards. Feburary brought fun times like the colorful Chinese New Year Parade, a Snowmaggedon and my very first outfit post! March offered adventures like a trip to LA and a fashion event I had a hand in planning. April came with cotton, green beans, and gratitude. Oh, and nail stickers!! May meant menswear, mint, and meaning. In June, we shared tips for shopping consignment, donned little black dresses, and colorblocked brights! July (and some of August) saw me travel for 34 days in a rowa milestone birthday, and my favorite look of the year - dip dyed tips! September started Spot the Steal, and held good times like a Winery Tour, Bridesmaids Party and a Beauty Show. October equaled a creepy manicure, trips to Tennessee (1,2) and lots of pumpkin spice latte's. In November we talked baggage (packing that is), and I had the opportunity to meet some of you lovelies at this and this. And finally, in December I shared my Christmas crib, our holiday card, a peek at my modeling debut with Too Faced cosmetics and my gift giving strategy.

Overall, I've been overwhelmed by the support, kindness and opportunity I've been offered this year: on, because of, and outside of this blog. Most of all, I'm grateful to you:  for reading, following along, sharing your thoughts and making me realize each and every day that I'm lucky to call this a hobby. (This was quite the year of meeting many of you in real life - bonus!)

Looking ahead, I reflected on last year's goals and am pretty pleased with the outcome. In 2012 I'm inspired to:
  • read more.
  • drink more wine (why not?)
  • travel even more (oh, how I love it.)
  • be fabulous (life's too short to be anything but fabulous!)
  • stress less.
  • master the art of macaron making.
  • create a mean gallery wall.

 Aaaaaand we're off! Happy New Year Lovelies!


  1. Awesome! I want to make a gallery wall too! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! I need to get on a gallery wall on our landing as well. But I want to get a desk up there first. Ahh, the work and planning is never done. Hooray 2012!

  3. Happy New Year! Yes, I feel like I need to unplug every now and then. I was on the computer as little as possible over the holidays! Glad you had a relaxing and rejuvenating break : )

  4. I'm with you on the Traveling!!!
    Happy New Year ♥

    Just when you thought...

  5. Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing 2012 :)

  6. Happy New Year, darling! I'm so glad you got away-I did too, and I'm feeling so much more excited for everything blog in 2012! Here's to reading, drinking more wine and enjoying every moment!



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