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Thursday, April 7, 2011

You may have seen this picture here, but today we're talking about something else...

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips - one word = addicted!!

I've been excited to share these with you since my first application nearly a month ago. However, I wanted to give it a full run so I could offer the best critique and add some helpful tips. After being a No-Chip devotee for about a year, I had to give it up for the sake of the budget. Yes, it's amazing but is it really necessary?? And I love regular polish but oh, the smell and all that effort for a just few days, ugh. Spotting magazine advertisements of Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips for what felt like forever, I was so excited give them a shot. Fast forward a month and after sporting a few different patterns nearly every female in my circle has given these babies a try. Maybe I should start requesting commission from Sally & Co.? ;)

Basically it works like this...
  • Buy a box (or 2, or 3)
  • Follow the instructions precisely (super easy)
  • Enjoy gorgeous, fun nails for nearly 2 weeks! (They say 10 days, you can improve on that - see below)

Other than that - here are a few tips you may find helpful:

For your first try, I recommend a pattern rather than a solid. Bumps (rare) or chips (also rare) aren't as visible, plus they're just darn fun.

Follow the directions precisely. I know, I already said that. But it's kind of a big deal. Push back your cuticles, work with warm hands, do the extra swipe of nail just before applying, etc., etc. - trust me, it all matters. It's not like any of it is hard or takes special skill so be like Nike and just do it.

Before peeling off any backings or starting application I pre-measured and arranged the strips needed for each finger. It comes with 16, so there are plenty of fit options.

Once applied, file edge gently to not tear the sticker at edge, I found it best to work in a one direction motion, preferably moving from front to back over the top of my nail rather than side to side. It seems to help secure the nail down at the tip even more and kept me from working with a heavy hand.

The first application took about 30 minutes, timing has improved since then but plan to work slowly and accurately. Apply at base only before pressing down in case you need to re-stick it in a better position. There's no drying so that saves a sweet amount of minutes.

Once applied, I cover each nail in a clear top coat for extra protection. I wouldn't say I'm rough with my hands, but I wash my hair everyday (which has always seemed to be the polish chip culprit) and of course after bathroom breaks, dishes, the usual. I did not do an extra top coat the first time as a test and was good for 10 days. At that point, my thumb and forefinger began to chip at the edges but I also traveled - hello, banging around with luggage - and some nail breakage initially caused it. Otherwise, my growth was more noticeable than anything!

Currently I'm rocking Collide-O-Scope (seen above) and am on day 17. Yep, seven.teen. I've applied additional clear topcoat twice, especially focusing on the edges. I have some chip-age on my thumbs and a few cracks here and there but no one in normal distance - aka: average personal space ratio - would ever notice. This is the benefit of patterns I mentioned. A few of my current faves:

I'm excited to try out the solids but won't expect as long lasting results (that's probably the 10 day basis) which is still flippin' amazing considering the price.

Oh, and the price - is so nice. Here in Chicago I've seen it vary from $8.99 to $10.49 and have come across a few BOGO 50% specials. (That's buy one, get one 50% off in non-retail speak) I most frequently purchase mine at CVS, Walgreens or Target.

About removal: word is floating around that removal is difficult. Not really. Take a cotton pad. Soak in polish remover. Place on nail and press for 10-15 seconds, then rub upward. It will take a few extra swipes but what's difficult about that?

Word is also floating around that strips can be cut in half for double use. I don't recommend this, especially on the first try. And unless you have a friend right there to share with, the strips dry up and become unusable pretty quickly. Originally, I was hoping to save the additional 6 (it comes with 16 remember?) to replace any damaged nails or go crazy someday with all my leftovers and use one of each? But A. you won't need any replacements and B. I'd probably never really do that. But, in curious effort I tried preserving the extras in a baggy and in Tupperware to no avail. Once you crack the silver package, get ready to go.

Now get out there and get some nail strips! I need sales to be amazing so Sally will create lots more fun colors and patterns - at this rate, I'll be needing more in no time! Speaking of, here are some of the options to date. The first time I purchased I drove to 3 stores to get the ones I wanted because they were sold out. I have a feeling this is going to be big :)


  1. OMG, how did I not notice how cool your nails were in the earlier outfit photos?! I've got to try these...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I tried the gold glittery ones. Love them. But I need to try your tip with the top coat. That's smart and I bet they'd last longer than mine did which for the most part was close to 10 days. Love it!

  3. I am loving the shimmery ones, I need to give these a shot.
    Thanks for the tips!

  4. I reeeeeally want to try these! I am horrible at applying nail polish! I can never seem to stay inside the lines.

    Posted my giveaway today : ) Come check it out!

  5. I cant wait to try the ones I have and definitely want to try the ones you have next!

  6. I was skeptical about these but I love the way your nails came out

  7. Day 17 are you kidding?! that's amazing. i tried the jean pattern and i really liked. my issue is that i have tiny nails and most of the stickers were too big...and i had to kinda cut them with the stick and it didn't work SO well lol. I did buy the butterflies which I want to try again.

  8. SEVENTEEN?!?!? That's amazing! I'm going to have to try some nail strips!

  9. Fun! My niece is going to love these...thanks!

  10. I love those nail strips. I did the lacey ones that you have highlighted on the top left a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience with them as well. I was even in salt water snorkeling and swimming and still didn't have a problem. I want to try a couple of the other ones soon, so I'll aid in the sales!

  11. I have a few coupons for these babies. I can't wait to try 'em!! They look soooo fun!!

  12. I've been trying to find the prints I want, I can't wait to try these!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. They look great on you and special thanks for the tips. Don't forget ladies, CVS offers a 'rain check' when these babies are on sale. Bet other places do too. Ashleigh, this post should be forwarded to 'Miss Sally'. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


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