Spring Scenes from Tennessee

Monday, April 22, 2013

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."

-Anne Bradstreet
 'Meditations Divine and Moral' - 1655

I always love visiting Tennessee in the spring. Trees and flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining nearly a month sooner than in Chicago, so it's the perfect getaway to push me through until warmer weather finally arrives. Lazy cats, front porches and greenery are a few a my favorite things.

And also, my adorable niece, who carries this Jamaica purse like it's going out of style.

Trip & Tragedy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Over the weekend we spent some time in Tennessee. It was a much needed visit and a great escape from this amazing (not.) Chicago "spring" we're having. Sunny weather and family fellowship was just what I needed. Unfortunately, the time flies, and it's never possible to spend time with everyone I'd like to but I'm so grateful for the bit I got. As we stopped for a bite to eat on the drive back restaurant televisions were breaking news of the Boston bombing. A heartbreaking event and unbelievable act of cruelty. I have no grand statements or profound words to offer other than to treasure the moments. Nothing is more important than loving the ones you love. 


Going Low Poo.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As an oily skin/scalp girl I'm always looking for that miracle product to keep me grease free as long as possible. (This is a good one.) I get so sick of washing my long hair everyday and my stylist keeps begging me not to anyway. I know it's drying my ends and only making the roots situation worse, but....excuses, excuses.

Recently, I've been reading about the "No Poo" (as in shampoo) method circling around the world wide web. If you're not familiar, it means washing your hair with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar. This article is one of the best, detailing out all the scientific and how-to information you could ever want or need. It sounded like a lot of work to achieve the perfect no poo, but alas, I was willing to give it a try. Until I reached the part about adjustment period. Ick. (Some report no issues, others report some buildup and weeks of bun wearing.) Then came the part about not being ready for no poo yet, and going "low poo" instead. Yes!! I.am.in.  Shea Moisture's Moisture Retention Shampoo was the recommended product so I grabbed some at the local drugstore and Holy Guacamole. It's a game changer.

The Facts:

  • First of all, it smells great in the bottle, but after washing and drying it's even better. Someone might even go in for another hug just so they can get a 2nd whiff. True story.
  • After the first wash, my hair was the softest ever. I repeat, ever. (And remains so to this day.) 
  • Hubby tried it, and even though he has the opposite problem (dry scalp), he's a new fan as well.   (I guess the whole balancing your scalp thing is key.) 
  • It doesn't lather, but don't be concerned, it's working. 

I still use a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner once a week, but otherwise, consider me a low poo convert! Have you guys tried this or similar processes? I'd love to hear about your experience!

P.S. Pretty braids for spring.

It is what it is.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You might have noticed that posts have been pretty slow around here, different in nature or lacking in theme. I've been meaning to write an official post about what's happening but it's been hard to find the proper expression. When I spotted this quote from my favorite fashion philanthropist, it hit me. What does this blog mean to me, what do I want out of it, and what do I want to give it's visitors?

Little Girl, Big World has changed a few times since it's inception - hello... it started as paper goods, took a turn for some fun finds, tried fashion for a moment, and now, it's ready for soul. The things I've blogged about in the past don't feel quite as satisfying to me anymore for different reasons. I don't regret or take back any of it, I guess it's just changed and grown as I, and my world has. Right now, the most important things in my life are and need to be: nurturing the ones I love and enjoying life in the present. I want to look back and remember things we did, a collection of experiences, not what It items were on my wishlist. (Besides, we've got Pinterest for that now, thank goodness.)  I'm not quitting or even taking a break, but I am sharing what you can expect, which is: posts that may pop up daily, or skip a week. More photo's and stories, less roundups like this (which makes me somewhat sad, but between the research and design layouts, they just eat up so much precious time that, if I'm being honest, I'd rather spend elsewhere than behind a computer.)

When I named this blog, it was based on a years ago journal entry and I never imaged how my life would slowly take on this title - travel, experiences and challenges have shaped me in the last year and while I hope this "announcement" doesn't alienate anyone, I have to be true to me. If I'm being honest, there's no real game plan behind this either, it just felt time to say something, because until this moment, things have felt a little veiled. I've read the forums and how-to's, I'm aware that inconsistent posts, lack of direction, and randomness can be the kiss of death for a blog, and at this moment, I'm ok with that. I'll keep writing, Mom will keep reading and that's alright with me.

Thanks as always, for your support and companionship, even if I've only met 3 of you in real life and stalk the rest on Instagram. I won't stop visiting your blogs and enjoying them, and you're always welcome here, for whatever it is I've got going on.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia  January 2013

"When we become consumed with the pervading idea that we lack things, we slowly become blind to what it is that we already have, and we become ungrateful for the gifts we have." 

Whether it's the latest "It" bag, a bigger house, or a better body, we all struggle with some type of wish within us. Sometimes goop gets a bad rap, but I'm a huge fan, especially of the somewhat self-help-esque articles. After my recent travels this one about jealously really struck a chord. (Scroll 2/3rds down the page) These days, many of the things that fill the bulk of our time (blogs, Pinterest, Instagram) are constant reminders of the beautiful things others have, and just how much we're "missing". Sometimes it's hard to find balance in the midst of this want more, need more world. In an effort to combat that destructive cycle, I'm trying little things, like finding the joy in things that are so common, we forget just how amazing they are. For example, being able to turn on the water to brush my teeth or wash my face, instead of carrying two buckets on my back several times a day. It does help shift my perspective and whatever I'm worried about or wishing for seems smaller. 

We are so lucky and we forget it so often.

This bag is happiness.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've never (honestly, never) been compelled to run out a purchase something at first sight. I usually research (is there a better deal) and debate over it (do I really need it?) (also known as, take all the fun out of it) and ultimately forget. But when my eye spotted this bag, there was no going back. It was love. And the thought that instantly popped in my mind was "this bag is happiness." It's simply a must. have.

(I know this post might sound a little shallow... I don't truly believe material things are the real source of happiness. But it is super fun and in my favorite color. A little surface happiness can't hurt in moderation.)

P.S. More love for yellow.

Tiny earrings with 'tude

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

For the last 6 months or so I've been loving smaller, daintier earrings. (Possibly because larger ones are always getting caught in my scarf or jacket collar. Is it summer yet?) But small doesn't have to mean subtle or sweet. These zippers are a favorite, as are a pair of safety pins (similar) and most recently, wishbone's for good luck. Lately, these twisted nails keep popping up online and catching my eye. Cute with just the right amount of 'tude!