San Fran Sounds

Thursday, September 29, 2011

While I'm in San Francisco, I thought I'd share a cover song by one of my favorite groups from the Bay Area, Pomplamoose. (If you don't recognize the name, maybe this car commercial will ring a bell.)  Make sure to listen and watch closely - if you hear it, you will see it. Soooo creative. 

If you're going to San Francisco

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's what they say anyway.  

How lovely are these hair flower photos? Sweet enough for a special occasion, simple enough for every day. Ok, maybe not every day. But wouldn't it be fun to sashay into work on a random Tuesday wearing a crown of baby's breath? And do you agree that this might be the most wonderful fishtail braid ever? 

I'm excited to bid Chicago adieu and spend a few days working/playing on the west coast, in an intriguing, hilly town with a famous golden bridge that's actually not golden at all. Not to worry, I have some Fran-tastic posts lined up in the meantime. xoxo

2nd Annual Michigan Winery Tour

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last year was such a blast we did it again. (Rent a 15 passenger van and tour some Southwest Michigan wineries that is.) We're a pretty energetic crew but a few tastings in, who needs a Red Bull when there's a wooden one with a saddle and cute hat? Cooler than Ice Wine, that's what I'd say about this tradition. 

Red Pants are the Hotness

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pants - AE  /  Top - Target  /  Necklace - Forever21 (seen here)  /  Shoes - c/o Wanted (also seen here)         Chain Bracelet - Kenneth Cole  /  Jade Bracelet - Hong Kong Jade Market  /  Bad A$$ Tat - Tattly

These pictures are old. I'm posting them 20 days late because: 

a. I forgot (gasp!) they were ever taken until I stumbled on them in my Picasa folder 
a. Red pants were everywhere last week and I felt left out. {See Carrie, Frankie & Anna Jane work it.}
a. Red pants are red hot.

The answer is A. duh.

P.S. I have a confession. My toenails were painted white for two full months. After I did it for this party on July 3rd, I observed that it worked with everything so it kept being redone until Labor Day. Call me boring, it's ok.

P.P.S. I realize that Frankie's name is really Nicole but I'm quite fond of calling her Frankie.

P.P.P.S. Do red pants remind anyone else of Hot Tamales?

Bridesmaids Party!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

By the end of last week I was "reeeadaaay to paaaartaaay". Good thing there was a Bridesmaids Movie Viewing Event scheduled for Friday night. To celebrate the DVD release of the adorable film Bridesmaids, my buds and I donned bridal apparel and gathered for refreshments, adult beverages and a little movie viewing madness. (Read more about the pre-planning here.) Everyone loved the film (like there was any reason to assume that they wouldn't) and we achieved 100% participation on the proper attire. I might be biased but I'd give this theme party four stars. (Seriously, my buds are the best.)

The DVD releases today and I suggest running out and buying it as soon as you finish reading this post. No, really. It's a sweet, funny, feel good film and couldn't we all use a bit of that? Here are some photo's if you'd like to peek into our party. (I shared the inspiration board here.)

Thanks again to Universal Studios Home Entertainment for providing the DVD, party supplies (which we did photograph but mysteriously got deleted during upload. True story.) and funding for the goodies. Let's just be honest, what's a Bridesmaids party without obligatory pictures, munchies and cocktails? Here's how I broke down the budget of $100:

And this chart represents the remaining cake at the end of the party:

Aaand that's a wrap.

Fall 2011 Cosmetics Trend Show

Monday, September 19, 2011

On Saturday I was thrilled to attend the Nordstrom Fall 2011 Cosmetics Trend Show with fellow beauty product enthusiast Johanna. Though attendance requires an early wake up call, the excitement and deals are well worth the effort. Last year I forgot my camera so this year I was armed and ready to shoot (thanks to Johanna for snagging 3rd row seats!)

The theme was Red Carpet Glamour and the essentials were illustrated by gorgeous models, brand representatives and the lovely Laksmi Sam, Nordstrom's regional beauty director, giving us two hours of beauty deliciousness.

Speaking of essentials, let's jump right in shall we?
  • Clear, radiant skin - get help from a Clarisonic, a celeb worthy exfoliator and sensational serums. 
  • Metallic Madness - gold, graphite and platinum are the new neutrals
  • Runway Red - though you can never go wrong with a classic, Bordeaux's, cherry's and tomato shades are also red hot.
And now for an illustration...

 Alex Chantecaille, founder of Chantecaille

Johanna testing out a bold deep berry lip. 

After chatting with Heath from Chanel, Johanna found the perfect bold lip and I indulged in Illusion D'ombre, a gel texture shadow that captivated on the runway, in the same graphite shade spotted on the model. I also picked up my first retinol product (I'm thirty now y'all...) and some fabulous nail colors from Deborah Lippman. Obviously, there could have been a lot more budget damage, but I thought it might be fun to save a few for the wishlist. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.) Here they are if anyone is feeling generous. (I'm also available for product reviews, are you listening Clarisonic?)

ExfoliKate - Kate Sommerville

Until Spring.....