Treasure Bowls

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Treasure bowl" is a term I made up (at least I guess I did) for the simple yet sweet gifts I'm giving this year to some of my favorite females. Stemming from my latest obsession of pretty bowls and dishes ranging from from Anthropologie to thrift store finds I thought this could be a nice way to share a little cheer this season. The concept is simple: Find a small, pretty bowl and fill it with treasures. I'm going with theme's based on color and personality, only adding items that fit within the size of the bowl. (Easy to wrap!) The best part: you can make it work on any budget. When she’s used all the items you gave her, she can re-use the bowl and add her own treasures like collection of cocktail rings, seashells or vintage buttons. Here are a few ideas to get you started...happy treasure bowl hunting! 

The Glamour Girl
Features everything a glam girl loves - sparkles, gold and the hottest items on the market (ikat & glitter!)

The Nature Nirvana
For the lady that loves natural elements in fancy interpretations.

The Blue Belle
She's a class act with impeccable style (and a touch of sass) who loves the sea and fine cuisine.

Update: This post was featured on DailyBuzz Style's Top 9 - All About Ikat roundup - Thanks DailyBuzz Style!


  1. What a cute gift giving idea!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. i want this!!! can we be bffs now? i've been good ALL year.

  3. I truly want it all. SIGH. Gorgeousness!

  4. I love this idea Ash! So clever!

  5. what a fabulous idea, these are so unique and sweet. I love the contents of the Glam Girl bowl but LOVE the blue bowl shown- so cool.

  6. i LOVE this idea! i might steal it for hostess gifts! xoxo

  7. love, love, love!
    such a cute gift idea! fantastic

  8. What a GREAT idea!! I love it!


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