Bloggers need to get out from behind the computer & here's why (Oh, & an event recap)

Friday, January 27, 2012

First, look through these pictures and tell me you're not jealous...

Racks of Lara Miller clothes, hair and makeup artists that worked their magic and took me from drab to fab, a photoshoot for Lara's Spring 2012 Lookbook. Am I bragging? Maybe a teeny bit, but only so you'll realize how important (and fun!) it is to get off the computer and get out there and meet some new friends.

Photos by Fig Photography, see the full lot here

There's a new network in town and it's fun-times galore. (Events that center around fashion and cocktails... I'm in!) Even before we had CBN, local bloggers were creating our own meetups, like Mani's and Merlot, simple dinner's or date days. Lately, it feels like I'm on the once a week plan (a bit much perhaps) but the point is, I'm loving every minute of it and I think you would too. So you might say, "Oh, but you're a social person, Ashleigh." No. No I'm not. Maybe more so now because I've been practicing, but at heart I'd rather go home and watch Modern Family. In fact, even when I've got an outfit planned, have spent the day pumping myself up and am driving in the right direction I'm usually thinking of excuses to turn around, head for the couch and rest. I make myself go. Why? Because I love my blog and your blogs but I need a break from the computer 10 hours a day and fabulous pictures telling me I need to buy more fabulous things and Pin-spiration that I'll never get around to doing. I need real interaction with real people and real connections.

If you're overwhelmed, start small with just a few of you. Eventually, bring a friend, then they'll bring friends. Don't worry about conversation, you already have so much in common you have no idea. If nothing else you can vent about blogging issues, pet peeves, etc. Conversely, many times we never even touch on that subject - sometimes you just need a breather.

It'll make you feel like a stronger blogger. Your network will grow online and in real life. And if you think these people are cool on the internet, you have no idea how awesome they are in person.

*Update: 1/31/2011

The official photo!

See the full set here.


  1. I really wish Connecticut had more of a unified blogger scene - we've done a few meet ups but there are so few of us and it's hard without businesses also being interested in hosting blogging events, etc. This looks like so much fun!

    Courtney ~

  2. Would have loved to be at that event!!

    I just discovered all you wonderful fellow chicago bloggers, so now the next step is slowly meeting in person, like you say! I'll have to keep a lookout for events :)

  3. Very true. But even without businesses you can always find a happy hour or manicure special happening around town. We even had a potluck at someone's house last summer. I hope you can start to coordinate some things, even if it's just drinks! People will start to come out of the woodwork when they hear about happenings - promise!

  4. Absolutely Anait - I would love to meet you!

  5. Looks like a lovely time Ashleigh. And a great way to meet new peeps.

  6. Such a good post and so true!! Love this!

  7. that looks like a great time! I'm envious!

    ♥anya and baby kenzi

  8. This is awesome Ashleigh, great way to put it. It’s easy to just want to live life through the computer (so not as dramatic as that sounds, I mean just weeknight interactions and admiring beautiful outfits) but you’re right that sometimes you need to actually break away to experience real life. I admire you opening yourself up like that. I think I would be very shy to meet other bloggers in real life. I love the idea and I hope to do it someday but it is just odd because before you’ve “met” someone, you put so much of yourself out there already. I think I would be a bit more shy than I come off online. But since I’m not shy in real life, hopefully that would pass soon. I guess it’s just the idea of the blog preceding me that would make me a bit ancy J Anyway, is this making any sense to you??? Haha. The photos are gorgeous and I love the inspiration as well as the fact that you got to do this! You certainly have the beauty, brains & hair to pull off such a fun event.

    And Modern Family.. my love.

  9. OMG thank you for this. I thought I was the only one that had to remind myself that Modern Family and Top Chef would always be waiting for me on my DVR. I used to need a little pep talk (or a personality drink) before I went to events...maybe to calm my nerves, but every event I go to is so much fun that I always have to remind myself of that even on nights when I'd rather be home watching the Bachelor. :)

    So fun hanging with you this week and have a great weekend!

  10. love, love this!
    words of wisdom my dear!
    and oh so fun! you looked fabulous
    so sad I wasn't in Chicago for this!

  11. Wow! This looks great! I'd love to get out to more events!

  12. God I wish I didn't oversleep :( I missed an amazing event.

    Can we do dinner someday? I'm having withdrawals!


    Luis (my blog!)

  13. great meeting you! i love these sorts of events :)


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