Pumpkin Love

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn has arrived in the Windy City and that means pumpkin products galore!! My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin flavored everything...

A few of my favorites:

It gets a bad rap due to calorie count so
I keep the seasonal devouring to a handful.

My beer of choice cranks out an autumn version come September.
Crisp, coppery colored goodness.

 Pumpkin Cheesecake
My annual Thanksgiving contribution begins as early as...NOW!

Pumpkin Soup
Did you know there is a website entirely devoted to Pumpkin Soup recipes?

 Pumpkin Ravioli 
Who else but Martha for a fabulous recipe?

Loaded with Vitamin A, no need to feel guilty!
What's your favorite fall food?

Antique Plate Cake Stands

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once in a while I come across something so lovely that I burst with joy to share it with you and can't type fast enough to get it posted. Finding this darling Etsy shop gave me that feeling...Maybe because I'm still recovering from Mom time earlier this month, or maybe because a touch of vintage makes my heart smile. These southern made cake stands are created out of antique plates and crystal candle holders by Olivia and her mom. If that doesn't make your heart smile...

Of course it's beautiful for cakes but since I rarely bake I'm thinking of lovely alternative uses such as a jewelry catchall on the dresser, a perfume tray on the armroire or a plant stand on the side table. Can't you just see a vase of peonies perched atop?

Pops of Pink

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm thinking of switching up our living room a bit. We have some great base colors in the room already - gray walls and a light khaki couch - so it's easy to switch pillows and accents for a quick change from time to time. I'd like to interject a little more white with pops of blush pink. Drawing some inspiration from these photos...

Dreamy Whites
via Houzz

sfgirlbybay eclectic dining room
via Houzz

Do you tire easily of your decor? 

1st Annual Michigan Winery Tour

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Sunday we rented a van and took some friends on a tour of a few south west Michigan wineries. A gorgeous fall day, vino and good company. Stellar. Or should I say Cellar? ;)

Inside the Box

Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo source unknown

I can imagine it working out perfectly, he said. I can't, she said & I said no wonder you're so stressed. 
                                                                                                  -From Story People

I'm so guilty of this....worrying before need be. And it usually turns out there was nothing to worry about after all, am I right? Here's to a worry free week, chill pills for everyone!!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend! What are your plans? After a very lazy last weekend, this one will be full of friends, wine and activity. We're visiting the Lake Michigan shore wine trail on Sunday and while I have determined a few favorites, I certainly don't consider myself a wine snob. These coasters make me giggle. Do people really say these things? Sometimes humans can be sooo dramatic...
Happy Autumn weekend to you!!

Do you Rue?

Friday, September 24, 2010

I know I'm not the first person to write about Rue and with images as gorgeous as these I certainly won't be the last.  The adorable virtual baby of Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage  is my new favorite. I'm in love with the friendly tone, beautiful photos and free (!) downloads. See for yourself...

I suggest a little quiet time with an oversize monitor for your veiwing pleasure. Congrats Rue on your premier issue!

I certainly do Rue, do you??

Big Bang Theory

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Tuesday night I was thumbing through a magazine at the doctor's office when I caught whiff of the most amazing stop-me-in-my-tracks scent. It smelled like hot boys and pepper and was so delicious that I had to share it with the office assistant out of pure "I can't keep this to myself" guilt.  Turns out the fragrance was Bang by Marc Jacobs and there couldn't be a more perfect name. My oh my, Hubby must have!

Lucky for me the magazine also featured an interesting article about Bang's co-creator Yann Vasnier. Unlucky for us, the article isn't available online (what's up with that?)

Have you smelled it? What's your opinion??

Color your Credit

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pantone has introduced a selection of stylish Visa cards based off Spring 2011 color trends. A fashionable credit card? Oh dear, this could be dangerous.

Five colors are available, which would you pick??

PANTONE 18-4039 Regatta
trustworthy, noble, generous

PANTONE 15-4825 Blue Curacao
sensuous, tender, inviting

PANTONE 14-0941 Beeswax
warm, sincere, generous

PANTONE 16-1452 Firecracker
cheerful, dynamic, tuned in

PANTONE 15-3817 Lavender
insightful, intuitive, spiritual

Boardwalk Empire

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

 Hip Hip Gin Gin  alerted me/us about Boardwalk Empire on HBO and I was so blown away by the photo shoot for Vanity Fair I couldn't help but share. Short shorts + tall shoes = the perfect combo. And OMG the shoes...

Must. See. This. Show.  
Drats!!  We don't have HBO, does this call for a break down?!

Gray's + Blue's

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This room is making me feel all sorts of cozy.  Textures, hues and blues...oh my.  My kitties would have a blast with the knit ottoman!

(Spotted on Little Blue Deer)

Chicago Fashion Foundation's Annual Membership Event

Monday, September 20, 2010

On Thursday, September 16th the Chicago Fashion Foundation held it's Annual Membership Event at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. Attendees received gift bags filled with goodies, mingled with fellow fashion supporters and were delighted to get a bit of fashion industry insight from guest speaker Barbara Glass. Here are a few photos from the event...

Thanks to all the CFF board members and volunteers 
for making the event a success! ( You can view more of our photo's here.)

After the event Alex and I headed over to Joe's Bar (a little overdressed but c'est la vie...) to meet our friend John. He plays in country music singer Troy Olsen's band and wow! do they sound incredible live!

With Troy - isn't he a cutie??  
A talented songwriter (Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton anyone?) his own hit song 'Summer Thing' has been making the country music rounds lately.

Want more music? Check out John's wife Natasha Borzilova. Formerly of Bering Straight, Natasha's brand new album 'Balancing Act' releases tomorrow! With a voice so clear and beautiful it has honestly brought me to tears, she sings mostly in English but did grace the album with one Russian song, Recha. How I love it so! You can listen to some of her music here. We've been lucky enough to hear her perform at venue's from the Grand Old Opry to casually bursting into song among friends and each time I'm in awe. Go give her a listen!

Fall 2010 Cosmetics Trend Show

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Saturday, Brooke and I attended the Fall 2010 Cosmetics Trend Show at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue.

Cosmetics and skin care are an extension of fashion and should be just as fun! And fun is exactly what it was. Starting with a runway show which was more of an interactive seminar hosted by Julianne De'Chaump, Nordstrom's Midwest beauty and fragrance director, a line up of gorgeous models graced the stage wearing Fall's great trend - black, grey and jewel toned burgundy. Over 2 hours, brand reps from all your favorite lines gave us quick tips and insight into new products and fall trends. And giveaways galore! (Note to self, be first in line next year to get a great seat...) 

It was so exciting (I'm such a girl :) and I could write for weeks about everything we saw and learned so I thought I would share just a few highlights if you would like to read...

  • One word we heard over and over...SERUM. Nearly every brand has one and there's something for every budget. I recently started using this one and I can't get enough. But what exactly is a serums you ask? Well friend, serums deposit added nutrients into your skin. They have smaller molecules than a moisturizer and can penetrate deeper giving you almost instant visible results.  Their lightweight gel formula is perfect for use under moisturizer or alone.

  • Eye creams were on everyone's list as well. Clarins taught us to apply yours to 3 fingers and press 3 times under the eye starting at the inside out, then repeating on the top of the lid to brow.  

  • Speaking of eyes, the smokey eye trend is back and even better. Instead of grays/blacks of last year try navy and silver this year. Paired with a coral cheek and lip it makes a stunning modern makeup statement.

  • Lashes are luscious. Julianne suggested layering mascara for different effect. Combine a volumizer with a lengthening formula, etc. And don't forget about MAC for pro falsies application - and instant face-lift!

  • Red is an accessory. Nothing pairs better with winter blacks/grays. If lips are too much for you, try it on the nails. (As a no-chip manicure addict I have to say that my favorite is red. You'd be surprised what a versatile color it is!) 

  • Let's not forget about fragrance! The best place to wear it? In your hair. Woody, heavy floral scents are the notes for Fall 2010.

  • Beauty from within was a hot topic as well. Bobbi Brown's rep stressed the importance of water. Hydration equals plump firm skin so fill up on the H20!

After the show we headed to Estee Lauder where we were treated to the new smokey eye application. I went with a dramatic vibrant smokey (see below), Brooke chose a taupey daytime smokey. So many ways to wear it!

A person could get lost in the all the information (which we did)! Luckily, reps and artists were present to answer questions, test products and share their favorite tips. It was an honor to chat with Ross Burton, beauty guru/makeup artist to Oprah. So handsome and charming and easy to talk to.

If you have the opportunity to attend a similar show I highly recommend it. In addition the fun activities and general girlie-ness, the deals are ah-may-zing. Gifts with purchase out the wazoo!! I purchased and sampled a few new products (notice I said a few... golf clap please, the temptation was irresistible!) I plan to share my product experiences with you soon!