In January 2004, I drew this in my journal (you know, those things we used before blogs to hold our thoughts and dreams) to represent how I was feeling at the time - fresh out of college, uncertain and eager. Little did I know that years later, even after I'd "made it", that my viewpoint would hardly change.  No matter how much I experience or achieve I still feel like that little girl at heart; a quality that warms my heart and humbles me at the most needed times. Little Girl, Big World is a tribute to the dreams that I followed, a testament of my experience thus far and a motivator for the goodness that’s to come.

Thank you for following along.


About Ashleigh 

I left my hometown in East Tennessee and headed to Nashville for college where met my husband  (as of 2003) and we lived happily and largely until we sold half, packed the rest, and followed our dreams to Chicago in 2005.

We currently reside in the city with our kitties in a sweet but small apartment where we share a closet (gasp!).  Unlucky things, like black cats and the number 13, are my favorites. I'm an introvert who likes people, a trypanophobe, and a vegetarian since the age of eight.

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with the fashion industry. My parents claim I changed clothes multiple times per day, causing heaps of ‘dirty’ laundry until I got it right. Eventually, I pursued it as a career and from age sixteen have held sales, brand rep, styling, merchandising, corporate buying, and sourcing positions. Working behind the scenes and participating in the effort that goes into design, production, planning, logistics and store support has given me a solid appreciation for the business of fashion.

When I’m not working or blogging I love exploring the city, planning theme parties, practicing photography, traveling, reading, and organizing our closet by color.

Welcome to a little bit of my world.


P.S. We're adding a new little girl to our world in December 2014!

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