Lately I've received some excellent questions via email or comments. I thought I'd compile some of them here.

Describe Your Style:

I feel like it’s constantly evolving but if I could conjure up a description it would probably be ‘classic elegance with a vintage bohemian twist’. Sort of like if J.Crew and Anthropologie had a fashion baby. I adore luscious fabrics and expertly tailored garments but always need a touch of playfulness, whimsy, or special meaning. Whether it’s a vintage rabbit fur jacket, funky spider bracelet or dip-dyed hair, I like to incorporate at least one unexpected item into my daily routine. You can shop my closet here!

When and Why Did You Start a Blog?

In 2009, while buying menswear for a national retail chain, I joined the blogging community as a "girly" outlet for myself and a way to connect with other enthusiasts. (At the time I was reading GQ and drowning in flannel shirts.) Over the years my posts have ranged from fashion and lifestyle (such as sharing insider knowledge or discussing important topics) to most recently, a digital diary format.

What are your favorite blogs?

I'm always discovering new faves, and they range from lifestyle, fashion, home decor, and as of late - babies (!), But here are a few that are always on my radar: The Glamourai,  Love Taza, A Cup of Jo, The Glow.

How do you style your hair and what products do you use?

I start with clean hair and use a little of this.  After blow-drying I work with my curling iron, or sometimes hot rollers for extra volume, then I'll gently shake out for beachy waves or comb through for a more vintage look. I like a light hold hairspray; natural movement is key for me when I wear it down. In between washing this dry shampoo is a must have. I also rotate between a few different deep conditioning treatments that I use once a week.

Who takes the pictures on your blog?

Unless otherwise credited, any photo of me is taken by my husband. Any personal or travel photos are taken by me. And any product, celeb, or editorial photo’s are borrowed straight off the Internet. (With photo credit of course!)

What kind of camera do you use?

We have a Canon EOS 50D and it’s amazing. (Affectionately referred to as "The Big Camera".) I wish I could offer more technically but I got nothing. Though I seriously enjoy snapping some shots, I’ve never had any formal photography training so it's constant trial and error around here.

How can I get a job in the fashion industry?

I love this question! For years, no matter how I described my various corporate retail positions people would only ‘hear’ that either A. I worked in a store or B. that I was a designer. Hopefully if you’re asking this question you’ve already realized that there is so much more to the fashion industry than that! Got wicked math skills? Try buying. Excellent at creating stunning ensembles - what about a visual merchandising role? Do you have a knack for product details? Sourcing could be a good choice. Good with people? Store management might be for you. And let’s not forget about positions such as planning and store allocation, social media, marketing, the list goes on and on.... Assess your inner strengths and immerse yourself in the category you love. Join a community of industry enthusiasts such as the Chicago Fashion Foundation. Read, research, ask questions to find out what positions might be a good fit for you. My colleagues took many different paths but the results are essentially the same - be prepared for intense work -  for as much glamour as it appears there is just as much grit. Retail is constantly changing and moving forward, the pace is quick but exciting, challenging but extremely rewarding!

What is the Chicago Fashion Foundation and how can I get involved?

CFF is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the future of Chicago fashion by providing academic scholarships to Chicago-area college students majoring in fashion related studies, along with coordinating educational programs for the local fashion community. (I serve on the board as a Vice President.) Students and industry enthusiasts can join by membership, attend industry events and programs, and/or volunteer for a committee. Companies and Brands can get involved through monetary or product donations (we stuff lots of goodie bags!). Contact me here for more information.

Where are you guys from?

I was born and raised in Johnson City, TN, my husband is from Ukraine. We spent a few years in Nashville (some separate, some together) before moving to Chicago in 2005.

Why “Little Girl, Big World”?

Growing up in a small town in East Tennessee reading fashion magazines with wide eyes and big dreams I never imagined I’d ever really move away from my family and friends - my comfort. But beginning with a college transfer to the Nashville area and a job relocation to Chicago the big world became my oyster. Though I’m now comfortable all over the map and in my path thus far, no matter how much I experience I still feel like that little girl at heart; a quality that warms my heart and humbles me at the most needed times. Little Girl, Big World is a tribute to the dreams that I followed, a testament of my experience thus far and a motivator for the goodness that’s to come.

Thank you for following along.

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  1. Just kinda browsing around your blog and wanted to say that I LOVE the origins of your blog title and how still feeling like that little girl warms your heart & humbles you!! My move across the country didn't come due to a career but I know what you mean about having grown up in a small town (very literally!!) and finding yourself in a completely different place you never imagined you'd end up!! =) I also thought it was fun to find out that you moved to Chicago in 2005 because that is the same year I moved to Reno!! =) I've never been any sort of fashionista but I love reading your blog and hearing about your life!! Thanks for sharing! =)


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