I Married Adventure

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting my new year goals off on the right track, specifically to read more, I dove into "I Married Adventure" on New Year's Day. Though the book has been in my possession for a couple of years, I'm just now getting around to reading it and kicking myself for taking so long. (You may remember my obsession with the now shuttered Martin & Osa stores, which lead to more research and the discovery of a museum about the real life couple and their adventures.) I'm completely enamored by this book. I re-read pages over and over, sometimes out loud to my husband, in sheer awe of their experiences in the undiscovered world, pausing just to try and imagine what it was like. I could ramble on and on about it but really, you should just read it. And when you're finished reading it, use it in your home decor. It's uber popular in interiors due to it's zebra print cover design and has even been incorporated into the theme of wedding/engagement shoots. Peep the proof below!

Clockwise from top left: via Lonny, Country Living, unknown, Green Wedding Shoes

Once I finish the book, a road trip to the museum is on my absolute must do winter weekend list. So excited!
Have you read it? What did you think?? Have you or are you currently displaying it in your home?  Do share!


  1. I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about falling in love with one? I need to own this.

  2. Whenever I see it, I want to get myself to the nearest bookshop immediately! I can't believe I still haven't done that!

  3. Rachel - you said it perfectly!!
    Lena - you must, you won't regret it!

  4. wow- the cover is definitely worth judging! it's so classic and beautiful and I would definitely proudly display it in my home. I love that you love the book so much! I will put it on my list to read. And don't worry about taking so long, books are hard to get to like that.

  5. This sounds like my kind of book!!! I need more adventure in my life! Can't wait to read this!!! Thank you :)


  6. Never heard of this, but after my no shop January is over, you know I'll be purchasing this book ;)


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