Impromptu Outfit Post

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snapped a few shots of one of my wedding weekend looks. This has been my go to top of spring/summer. Maybe it's the shade of sea blue or the lion's mane like ruffles that the Leo in me loves but I can't get enough. It works well belted with bottoms but my favorite has been tucked into this steal of a skirt ($7!).

Speaking of faves, I've been using a turquoise liner underneath my bottom lashes for a summer makeup update. It gives a mermaid-esqe vibe - so fresh and fun!  

Couldn't pass up on opportunity to pose with Grandma's Caddy. This car is like memories on wheels - the one we took on summer trips to Carowinds, were forced to listen to 'sermons' and had tissue paper fights in the backseat. When it was nearly new, my cousin and brother accidently sprayed white paint on it, oops!

And since Father's Day was just a bit ago, here's one of me and the Pops!

Top - H&M  //  Skirt - H&M  //  Earrings - K.Amato  // Eyeliner - MAC - So There Jade
P.S. Dad's shirt is from Pierre Cardin, one of my previous Menswear buys (and a bestseller - woot!) 

Under the Stars Fashion Event

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last weekend, I was honored to be invited to the Under the Stars Fashion Event hosted by Crossroads Trading Co. at Debonair Social Club in Chicago. Never one to turn down an opportunity to gaze at pretty people in fabulous (affordable!) clothes, I was thrilled to witness my love of Wicker Park and passion for consignment shopping come together in the form of a runway show.

The catwalk was filled with ensembles created from the current consignment collection with each look 'priced' for your amazement. Amidst spinning jams and flowing cocktails, guests browsed shopping racks as well as the featured looks while raffles abound were being won. Unfortunately, I left the "big" camera at home and made do with the "baby" one {note to self - don't ever do that again} but you'll get the idea. And now for a photo recap...

With local store manager Janet & district manager Melissa

Shop the runway pieces and more

Scenes from the catwalk

My favorite look of the evening

One of many raffle winners!

Blogger swag - thank you!!

A huge thanks to Crossroads Trading Co. for the invitation, I appreciate any opportunity to mingle with fellow consignment lovers.

And if you haven't had a chance to check out my Guide to Consignment Shopping,  go have a looksie!

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A New Classic

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recognize this shirt? It's the one Ashley was wearing on The Bachelorette last night (on the JP date). (Yes, I indulge in that show. No, I don't know why.) Regardless, I fell for this silk convertible sleeve blouse with oversize pockets. Could be the effortless ways to wear it, or that it reminds me of something Martin & Osa would have offered. Either way, I'm pretty sure it's going on the wishlist. From gold skirts (not that I have one...) to cardigan and slim denim pairings, a white shirt is a closet classic and this one is the epitome of versatile.

Party of Five: Scenes From the Weekend

Monday, June 27, 2011

  //  Wine in the Park  \\

 //  DIY colorblock mani  \\

//  Music at Millennium \\ 

//  Getting our Pride on \\ 

// Bebe duckies!! Is it not the sweetest?? \\

2nd Annual Little Black Dress Party

Friday, June 24, 2011

It was ladies (+ a few gents) night out at Casey Moran's in Wrigleyville on Thursday evening. Donning Little Black Dresses for round two of this popular summer time event benefiting the Chicago Fashion Foundation, guests sipped on specialty cocktails, chatted and dress/accessory envied the night away. What a gorgeous group, you all looked fabulous!! (See more photo's from the event here.) Thanks to everyone who attended, it was lovely to catch up with some familiar faces and meet a few new!

Stay tuned for the next CFF event taking place on July 8th at Crimson Lounge.

Wild Wedding Weekend

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey y'all, I'm baaaack. Sorry for the mini hiatus, wasn't expecting that but should have known things would get hectic upon returning home and back to work...

Last weekend we were in North Carolina for my cousin's wedding. I've mentioned more than a few times  how madly in love I am with my family ( herehere & here). I never feel more at peace than I do when I'm in their presence. I live for the moments we can all be together, everyone I love the most right there in one spot. We're a wild bunch and that's most of what I adore - it's crazy, loud, fun and at times, exhausting!

Here are a few pictures to recap the wonderful weekend.

{Bridesmaids Bouquets} 

{A view from behind}

 {The Bride, My Brother, Moi & The Bride's Brother in a rare, tame photo}

{Them's my dancing shoes}

 {It's fun to stay at the YYYYY...}

{The Bride wore red shoes, love that girl.}

2nd Annual Little Black Dress Party

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicago Fashion Dolls, 
It's that time again! The 2nd annual Little Black Dress Party is taking place on June 23rd. 
Proceeds benefit the Chicago Fashion Foundation, get your tickets here.

Need proof it'll be a darn good time? Check out my photo's from last year

Big Apple Blogging

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

Image by Jamie Beck of From Me To You

Hi friends. I'm usually blogging to you from Chicago but it's nice be writing from New York City for a few days this week. While I'm here, I thought I'd share a few related links that I think are pretty neat.

NYC - Twitter Capital of the World!

I'll never tire of the hearing  'The Birth of a Shoe Company' story (I chose this as my first public speaking assignment topic in college - so glad there's a video now!)

My favorite colorful blogger spent a day planking in Brooklyn. Hilarious!

Historic Farmers Markets

A sketched skyline wall decal

101 Things to do in the city this summer 

Buildings that Never Were

bus ride necklace complete with a whistle!

New York and other travel faves from last summer...

Wishing you a wonderful week wherever you are!

I'm Like a Bird, I'll Only Fly Away (At Least This Week Anyway)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy 13th Lovelies!!

Hope your weekend was wonderful. Ours was kind of a wild one - we enjoyed a festival, witnessed a naked bike ride and participated in a flash mob!

I'm traveling on business early this week and personal later this week so our chats will be spotty. In the meantime, I'm thrilled to be featured on 101 Things I Love, guest posting about some of my summer beauty faves. Head on over and give Johanna lots of love!

P.S. The picture above is from a trip to Marco Island a few summers ago. Not to be all cheesy and stuff but don't you think it would feel amazing to fly over the shore at sunset?? Birds have all the fun...


A Guide To: Consignment Store Shopping

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Friday, The Man (also known as work) released us a wee early so I took advantage of the extra time to run a few errands. For weeks, I've been driving around with three bags of clothes in my car to be taken to consignment or donated. I jaunted over to Evanston and little did I know I'd hit the jackpot at Crossroads. Gah! Rebecca Taylor, Bebe, silk blend tops, embellished dresses...need I continue? Consignment shopping is one of my preferred ways to acquire fabulous items on a budget. Many of my absolute favorite pieces have been pre-owned which I think is pretty neat.  (Plus, I really enjoy impressing my friends responses to compliments with things like "$5.00 - swear.") Until recently, I though everyone consignment shopped but when a style blogger I admire posted about her very first (!) experience and a friend said something like "But isn't it gross?" I had to faciliate. Consignment shopping is like a Cliff Notes version of the best of the mall and internet. And no, it's not gross, stop being bratty ;)  If you already do it, awesome - I knew I liked you! If you don't, well, you're missing out. And I secretly hope that if you wear a size 8.5 shoe and live in the Chicago area that you don't start. ;)

Without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks for a successful shopping trip.
  • Don't go with expectations, you'll most likely be disappointed.  If you're on a mission for a certain something it's worth a browse, but realistically you'll probably find 5 things you weren't searching for instead, which is all part of the fun.
  • Check fabric and care labels. Tags may have been removed by the previous owner. When in doubt, dry clean. Tip: Fabrics like silk and linen are usually underpriced, grab 'em up!
  • If it's perfect in every way except your size, consider alterations. A good tailor can be your best friend.
  • Try on everything. Some stores don't accept returns or exchanges, confirm any policies before paying.
  • Inspect items thoroughly before purchasing. Most pieces are in mint condition, however, you may find an occasional stain, tear or missing button that the associates missed or experienced fitting room abuse, it happens. Assess any repairs needed and request a discount if necessary. 
  • Prepare to be heartbroken (sometimes.) That gorgeous pair of leather of boots that would look perfect with your (fill in the blank) size off. Bummer!!
  • Don't skip the clearance rack.  In most shops, markdowns are taken based on the length of time an item has been on the floor, not necessarily the seasonality of it. Half off an in season chiffon top in a 'so-hot-right-now hue'? Don't mind if I do!
  • Support your store! If you shop there, sell there. We all have a fabulous item (or two) still hanging in our closet that was purchased hoping the right occasion would pop up (where are you white party??) - why not trade it in and allow someone else find a use for it? You may find something just as fabulous and more suitable in the same trip.
  • Always take the trade credit. When you sell items, most chain stores offer cash or trade credit instantly. The cash value is less than the trade credit so take the gift card/certificate and start digging. (Or save it for future trips.) The bang for your buck is much better that way. After trading in several items I ended up with enough credit to purchase all of the above without ever opening my wallet!
  • Visit more than one location, often. We're lucky to have several locations of my favorite shops around town and by this point I've pretty much nailed what I can expect from each one. (Evanston has fabulous summer dresses, Wicker Park has the best unique/one of a kind items, Lincoln Park is hit or miss.) This isn't your local Target. The assortment changes daily and is never the same at each location. While it's not always true, locations such as a college town or affluent neighborhood could be an indicator of the types of brands you'll find there. (Think Abercrombie versus Diane Von Furstenberg.)
  • My new favorite vacation treat is to consignment shop in different cities. When traveling, why hit the same chain retailers when you can find awesome pieces on consignment from the locals? A recent visit to a shop in Santa Monica changed my life. (Okay, maybe that's extreme, but seriously - it was well worth the effort to get there.)
  • Don't forget about the boys! Trading men's apparel is one of the ways we've ended up with gobs of store credit - it seems they're always in need and the selection is more focused. Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for arguments related to or caused by a female's decision to edit her male's closet without his knowledge. 
Happy Shopping! Now, who's up for a consignment store outfit post linkup??

Mandarin & Magenta

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I admit, when I bought this punchy skirt I anticipated wearing it more often than I do. (I mean, it’s totally fun right?!) Luckily, I found this top on consignment over the weekend and it basically begged for a colorblock pairing, allowing me another opportunity to don le skirt. The dilemma, though – what shoes does one wear with such a bright ensemble? I opted for the most excellent, go with everything pair of taupe platforms (courtesy of Wanted). The shade is perfect for those times when you need a brown-ish that’s not too heavy or a tan that’s not too yellow.

Lake Front Love

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday was a rough one. Nothing terrible happened, just one of those days that felt off. Traffic has been a disaster now that summer construction is in full swing, my calendar is overwhelming and I feel like there's never enough time. I came in frustrated last night so hubby suggested a walk. As much as I complain about winter, commutes and our small apartment, having this view steps from our home makes it all worth it - the sunset, crashing waves and fresh air instantly improve my mood. And a fun printed dress never hurts either. (I just adore exposed zippers.) More nightly walks added to the agenda in 3, 2, 1...

Dress - Sears  /  Shoes - Forever 21  /  Watch - DKNY  /  Earrings - K.Amato

How do you guys stay sane during busy times? I would love your tips!