Fashion Fix: Denim

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does your denim fade fast? Shrinkage giving you the blues? Confused about care?
At a reader request (I'm listening people!) today we're talking blue jeans, baby!

Caring for Denim:
  • Wash infrequently. Unless you're wearing the same pair daily or in dirty situations (I'm not even sure what that would be...) denim doesn't requires a wash with each wear.  Put it off as looong as possible to retain color, shape and fabric quality. Unless you're going for the perfectly 'broken in' pair.
  • Turn jeans inside out before washing. It prevents additional bleeding and helps even out any fading that might occur.
  • Wash in cold water using a mild detergent. (See below for recommendations) Never, ever, eeeever wash in warm/hot, unless of course, you need some shrinkage or are up for fading. 
  • Always air dry. The hot air from the dryer will shrink and fade your favorite blues.
  • As for storage, folding or hanging makes no difference. I prefer folding as the thick fabric doesn't wrinkle much and they just seem so heavy on hangers. 
  • Steam or iron as needed. Denim has as high cotton content (more on the awesomeness of cotton) and can take the heat (hee hee) when it comes to removing wrinkles.

  • Old jeans looking tired? Try washing them with a new pair to freshen them up! 
  • On the flip side of the aforementioned tip, don't wash dark and light denim together.
  • Use a color enhancing detergent or one formulated for darks like Cheer brightClean or Woolite Dark
  • To regain the crisp, newly laundered look in between washings, lightly mist with water and pop in the dryer for a few minutes.

Extra Credit:

When your favorite blues have bit the denim dust, don't give up yet. Take inspiration from a few of these ideas, bust out the scissors and studs, and get to work!

Need more ideas? Here's a whole blog dedicated to Denim Therapy!
Do you have a question for Fashion Fix? I'm accepting 'issues'! :)

Fashion Fix is a new series dedicated to helping you care for your favorite pieces or solve your fashion dilemma's.  In case you missed it, check out last week's post on Sweaters!


  1. i take such good care of my jeans... febreeze is a great thing instead of the water spray...

  2. You're right - I completely forgot about Febreeze! Though it supposedly won't harm fabrics, I usually prefer water just in case. It's a great option to get you through until the next wash though!

  3. Such good advice! I learned one secret tip from a denim manufacturer: add a dash of salt to help preserve color! Who knew?

  4. I don"t pay near enough attention when washing my clothes. I lose a lot of things to the dryer when my Husband does laundry.

  5. Love these tips! I am religious about washing my denim inside out and air really does help! x

  6. Love this post Ash - thanks! I never wash mine inside out...dually noted!!

  7. Thanks for these tips, Ashleigh! I try not to wash my jeans often because I don't like how stiff they get or how they can fade!

  8. Lovely blog.

  9. great words of advice ~ thanks Ashleigh! :)

  10. Great tips!

    Minted Magazine

  11. i heard you don't have to wash your jeans, just freeze in the freezer for 10 days. I don't think i could do it!


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