Be of Good Cheer...

Saturday, December 24, 2011's the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holidays to you & yours! 

I'll be taking a little break to revel in the spirit of the season, reflect 
on the past year and refresh for a new one. See you back here on January 1st! 

P.S. Hubby was the creative director for our Christmas card this year, didn't he do great? I was still stuck on inspiration from last year's snow city card, but since we can't send the same one two years in a row had no snow, he took the reigns and created a postcard using a combo of our many photo booth opportunities this year combined with a little street art inspiration. Fun, right?!


  1. Merry Xmas! I think the Holiday Card is awesome, haha - very inspired. Tell your Hubby great idea :)

    See you "next year"

  2. Love the card! Happy New YEAR!!

  3. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Hope you had a lovely xmas!
    Happy New year!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!



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