L.A. Lovin' - Part 2

Thursday, March 31, 2011

If  Part 1 was my depression at being back from vacation, Part 2 is the recap of how wonderful it was. That should put some pep in my step!

It was rainy & gloomy most of our trip but a little chill can't spoil our fun, enjoy our photographic journey...


We marveled at the Earth's beauty from afar -

Admired the view from the Hollywood Hills,

And found a kitty that looks just like ours!

Soaked up the Hollywood Blvd sights...

And witnessed the tribute to a Hollywood legend.

We were entertained by street artists - Elvis and Marilyn and Batman, oh my!

Witnessed a super hero meeting -

And let's not forget an authentic Spider Man!

My husband became a "Winner!"

And I fell even more in love with palm trees.

After scouting out celebrity homes,

 we took full advantage of happy hour on Sunset Blvd.

We hiked to The Griffith Observatory to play around with the Hollywood sign...

And take in an even larger view of the city!

We explored the Santa Monica Pier and did some thrift shopping -
consignment stores and Goodwill were a goldmine!

And drove around the Fashion District just for kicks.

Hubby enjoyed taco's from a street vendor (he loves this stuff!)

Then we checked out some studios...

And on our very last day...let there be sunshine :)

Whew! If you made it this far, thanks for hanging on :)
Mad love to Carrie of This Free Bird for her LA recommendations – she sent me the most amazing ‘to do’ list email and we pretty much referred to it like an itinerary. It’s like she got in my brain and provided the perfect choices…fom cocktails to sightseeing - C is one cool bird ya’ll…xoxo

{More El Lay love here!}


  1. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful trip. I love the perspective.

    And now I desperately want to feel my toes in the sand...

  2. oh what wonderful pictures! it seems like yuo had the best time!
    may i also note that your funky, colorful nails are fantastic!

  3. Awesome photos! It looks like you had an amazing trip.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. So many great pics...it's like a story. I love it!

  5. First, these photos are AMAZING-what you're shootin' with, it's excellent, and so are you!

    Second, I love this little vacation story! It looks like you guys had the most wonderful time, and I'm delighted that you counted on Carrie for her LA favorites!

  6. I totally am adding LA now to my list of places I want to go! I went many moons ago on spring break with the fam, but we weren't in LA long because we drove up to San Francisco, which was great too! Now, to get the hubby on board...maybe promising to go when he can see the Dodgers play will do it!

    So happy to see how much you all enjoyed a wonderful vacation to the west coast!

  7. I am serously LOVING all these photos! makes me want to get back to LA- I went 4-5 years ago and had such a blast!

  8. Tiffany - thanks for noticing that, I"m addicted, planning to share a post about them soon :)

    Lena - thank you, I'm def still learning our camera but it's a fun process!

    Misty - you must, you guys would love it! Our first experience was too short & sweet so we had to go back for the full experience. A Dodgers game would be a blast!

  9. I'm so glad you had a good time. If you come here again I'd love to meet up over cocktails and dish. Your pictures are just fantastic!!


  10. California is absolutely gorgeous! The Charlie Sheen picture is the best! Duh, Winning!

  11. awww it looks like you guys had so much fun!! i've always wanted to go take photos with the hollywood sign too :) can't wait to see it tomorrow!!!!! xoxo

  12. What an eye candy that was. The aerial shots makes me hold my breathe for a sec, truly amazing, Hollywood is sure the finest. Gorgeous.

  13. WOW,luv all the pics but the aerial shots are TRULY AMAZING. The Charlie Sheen shot w/hubby was a good one,hehe. Looks like you had a great time, good for you.

  14. awesome photos!! I would love to visit hollywood... I've never been there!


  15. Looks like you had a lovely time. I really enjoyed the aerial shots.

  16. I loved looking at these pictures, Ashleigh! Makes me want to go to L.A. again ; ) Looks like you had an amazing time!

  17. my hometown is LA and really made me miss home! great pictures!!!! looks like u and ur husband had a lot of fun!!


  18. LA looks so gorgeous in all of these photos. i've never been to downtown LA before - crazy!
    that frozen drink looks enormous haha. glad you and the husband had such a fun vacation!

  19. looks a great vaca - i know the feeling after the end of the vaca! get another on the books - that always helps :)

  20. The cat that looks like your cat looks like our cat too. :) Fabulous photos!

  21. Beautiful photos!:D I'm glad you had a great time here in Los Angeles!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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