Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowly cow, I could give you a million reason why I haven't had a post since last Wednesday but how about I just share some Blizzaster pictures instead?

It's hard to believe that last week at this time the term 'Thundersnow' wasn't even a part of my vocabulary. The best thing about this storm was the awesomely hilarious names we lovingly referred to it as....

Snowpacolypse - Snowmaggedon 2011 - SnObama - Blizzaster
And my personal fave...Snowprah Wintery

We hunkered down for 2 days without internet or cable (it was actually a nice break but it put me waaaay behind), made big, country breakfasts and took long, exploratory walks in the neighborhood. Sure, it's Chicago and we're used to snow, but so much at once (21 inches!) provided a temporary shut down that the southerner in me just loved :)

I am usually much shorter than the top of the fence.

 And my head is typically nowhere near the top of the door frame.

 Hubs laying in the center of one of the busiest (and I think scariest)
streets in Chicago - Sheridan Rd. for once, completely deserted.

 The buildings looked liked they'd been hit with what I
referred to as 'snow bombs'.

 Snow. The ultimate footstool.

 Who needs a pillow?

 In the summer, the lake begins at the end of that pier.

 Snow way!

The drift in our courtyard.

The streets post plow. I love that people wrote messages on their cars, it reminded me of SOS signals, but more fun!

  It's cool - he's 21. Degree's that is.


  1. Oh my gosh! Thats crazy!

  2. Ha ha, I loved this! Snowprah Wintery is hilarious!

  3. Great, great pics! You are too cute. I love the bench shots. Can you believe it's snowing right now again? Jimney crickets!

  4. Wow, I thought the New York area got hit hard but that's insane!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Holy moly! I am seriously in awe of these pictures! I love that you guys made the best of it all and went out to play...I'm sure it's freezing but it looks so fun to play in! xx

  6. Crazy and amazing photos of the snowpocalyse. Lying in the middle of that (busy)street - priceless.

  7. Oh my god these pictures are hilarious!!! All I can say is that's a lot of snow!!!

  8. Oh my gosh! The beer-guzzling snow man is the BEST. LOVE these pics! Too crazy - I can't believe the snow you have! xo

  9. Oh my gosh! That's absolutely crazy in a beautiful, insane way! Haha, we've had lots of snow where I live too, but not quite like this! xx

  10. Haaa, I love it! That storm had me snowed in on my trip to Grand Rapids - I was supposed to leave on Tuesday but instead I got back Saturday night. It wouldn't have been a big deal if my mom and I hadn't attempted to go out on the day after the storm because we then got hit by a car - still can't quite figure out what happened there - and spent yet another day in GR to file a police report. Sigh. It's all in a day. I read an article saying that they were calling it the Groundhog Blizzard in Chicago. Ha!

  11. These are great pictures that do the storm some justice! I still can't get over it. I love that you used the snow as an ottoman for that bench!

  12. The snowman is really awesome. I can't believe you got that much snow! At least you were dressed warmly (even at home in NJ I don't have real snow clothing like you do). Hope you're starting to dig out!

  13. Hilarious photos! I am glad you guys could find some humor and make the best of it. Boston's not much better, we have snow on the ground that will probably be here til April.

  14. Wow! That's a lottttt of snow! Looks like fun!
    Ha ha, and your snowman is too cute!

    Ps. I tagged you in a post of mine!

  15. ah love the photos!! wasn't it the best storm ever :)

  16. Your snow-nouns are cracking me up, and these photos are unbelievable! I had NO IDEA just how much snow was really on the ground-wow!

  17. INSANE! In Texas it just gets COLD and people don't want to go to work! We don't even know what snow looks like! <3 your blog!!!!

  18. Fun! I really love the snow, ours is just starting to melt here in NJ...we've had about 3 feet so far. I love how you two made the best of the beauty and quietness outside!

  19. baaahahahaha! snowpra winfrey. hahahahha. im dying over here.


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