Hellooo out there!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello dears, it's been a while, no?

After 16 days away from home, 17,000 miles traveled, 55 hours in transit time, 4 Cracker Barrels, my 1st TN Easter in 6 years, and one very special wedding - I made it back to Chicago. And finally, to the blog. But only for a moment as we're off again to... VEGAS! (I may never get back on the right time zone for sleep ;)

Although being gone so much at once can be stressful (terrified I'll forget to pay a bill or something important) truth be told, it's been good for me to decompress from my regular life and responsibilities. Taking a break from my usual hobbies has made me enjoy more of actual life lately, to be more present. So I'm going to enjoy it a little while longer. In the meantime, here are some updates and happenings.

Hope you all are well, catch up with you soon!

Hong Kong: Skyline

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm currently in Hong Kong and sharing photo's and stories from my last trip. Catch up on the last few posts here.

The skyline in Hong Kong is a spectacular sight. In my opinion, the best views are from Victoria Harbor and The Peak. (A bit touristy perhaps but why mess with a good thing?) The harbor gives you a ground level view while The Peak allows for a 'top of the world' experience where it seems like you see nothing but tiny lights for miles and miles. I was awestruck. My visit to The Peak happened at dusk which allowed for some almost night shots that I'm quite fond of (if I do say so myself).  Every night at 8pm a laser light show happens and it's really neat experience from both vantage points!