Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ashlee's looking gorge on the November cover of Michigan Avenue magazine. I'm in love with her dip-dyed hair and haphazard layers. (I would love "bangs" like that but I fear without a professional daily blowout they would drive me bonkers, you?)

Hello world!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo via We Heart It

I'm back from a lovely vacation and wanted to thank you for popping in on the guest posters while I was away. Thanks again to the fabulous ladies who shared their little stories with us, they did a fabulous job don't you think?? (If you missed it be sure to check out the full "It's The Little Things Series".) I enjoyed it so much I'm planning to continue! Of course, I'll post the usual items but expect to see these pop up from time to time. And if you have any you'd like to contribute please let me know, I'm happy to feature your 'Little Things' as well!

That's enough from me, now to catch up on your blogs I've missed so much!!

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #8

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stunning, romantic, enchanting...those are just a few words I would use to describe Lena's blog, la petite coquin. When I tell you that she's able to discover the most beautiful images of magical weddings, shoes worthy of encased displays, and cocktails for lovely occasions you've ever laid eyes on you might question my opinion. But if you peek  for yourself I know you'll agree. A visit will leave you feeling like a blushing bride, brand new bloom and romantic crusader!

Photo via Tumblr

My sweetheart and I have been dating for more than four years, and as anyone knows, it can be easy to take the people you love most for granted sometimes. John and I had been together for about a year when I came up with a perfect way to let him know just how much I adored him; I would tuck tiny handwritten notes into the pockets of his coat, the notebook he'd be using in class that day or into his handsome man-bag (that originally belonged to me!). These days, John is always on the lookout for tiny red envelopes I bought especially for the purpose of these sweet notes, and I'm delighted when I find the small cards John has left on my pillow when he has a evening class or just wants to say, "I love you." It's the little things, and tiny notes, that make our love grow each and every day.

These little treasures sure do make life sweet. Thank you Lena, for sharing your story of little letters, wouldn't we all love to receive one expectedly? As a child, my parents used to pack them with my lunch - I must remember to do the same for our future children! How do you show an unexpected endearment to your loved ones?

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #7

Friday, October 22, 2010

Many little girls dream of growing up and becoming a ballerina. For most of us, those dreams gave way to new ones but luckily we can live vicariously through Tiffany of Dancing Branflake.  On her blog, she is kind enough to share life as a professional dancer as well enlighten us with her inspirations and uplifting posts. One of the things I love most of her blog is the honesty she offers - like in this recent post, and trust me, you'll want to be invited to all of her dinner parties!

Photo via The Heat

Sometimes, maybe a few times a year, Mr. Branflake and I will randomly wake up in the middle of the night.  It's as if our subconscious selves are connected and our eyes flip open and we immediately know the other is awake.  This is hours before the dreaded alarm clock starts buzzing and way before daily responsibilities and the real world harshly greets us.  We have opposite schedules and rarely see each other but for those few minutes we are husband and wife secluded from the world.  It is like an unexpected mini date that happens in the most special way. Just thinking about it makes me smile.
What a wonderful little moment that allows a brief reconnection. Thank you Tiffany for 'opening our eyes' to stolen glances that mean so much!  What little moments to share with your sweetie?

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #6

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I haven't been able to put my finger on it but for some reason Vanessa's blog, Hey, Lady Grey, has a calming influence on me (for which I'm very grateful.) Likely due to her beautiful photography (including the one below), she has a way of capturing the everyday moments that we sometimes miss. Reading her weekend recaps always makes me want to spend one in her shoes just enjoying the surroundings. A visit to her blog is the perfect treat when you need a little breather or as she says a bit of 'nurturing for the many sides of our eclectic souls.' 

Photo by Vanessa of Hey, Lady Grey

Hi there, this is Vanessa from Hey, Lady Grey. It's an honor to fill in for the lovely Ashleigh while she takes a well-earned vacation at the beach. It certainly is the little things in life, like a day at the beach, that feed our souls and keep us happy in the end. For me, it's my morning coffee. I love the feeling of a hot mug in my palms, the awakening aromas, the rich taste. But it's not just the coffee, it's the ritual. It's the 10 minutes I allow myself each morning to just be. Sometimes I read a few blogs or a magazine, and sometimes I just sit there and take in the day. I know what Carly Simon meant when she said "I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee"... or when T.S.Eliot said that he measured out his life with coffee spoons. I totally get that.

Thanks so much to Vanessa, for allowing us to 'get that' too! Sometimes, taking a few minutes at the beginning of the day may be the only chance you'll have. Do you have a daily ritual to refresh and reflect? What are the clouds in your coffee??

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #5

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's no accident that Em's blog, Hip Hip Gin Gin, is one of a very few for which I have the web address memorized. It comes in super handy when I need a fix of beautiful inspiration from gorgeous fashion and home to her delicious weekly cocktail posts for starting the weekend off right. Just telling you how much I enjoy pursuing this blog doesn't do it justice. I insist you head over and explore for yourself!
Photo via We Heart It

One of the little (quite literally) things that bring me joy on a daily basis are my little dog's paws. She is so funny about them, always hanging one back paw off the sofa, sticking her two front paws out of her dog bed, and sometimes even popping all four up in the air as she sleeps as though she's pushing someone unseen away. She even uses them to pull my husband's hand on weekend mornings when we've slept in past the point of her patience. They perpetually smell like Fritos corn chips, which is equal parts endearing and hilarious. Even on the worst days, we can always count on her paw antics for a giggle, and for that we love her and her tiny feet to pieces!

Thank you so much Em for reminding us that sometime the little things are truly the little things right in front of us! Aren't animals just the best? Beyond the endless love and cuddles, their cute little quirks are what makes them so much fun!  I know many of have adorable four legged family members, so share...what little habits and mannerism make you just squeal??

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #4

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When I started visiting Erika at Tiptoe Butterfly I felt like I already knew her. She writes like a friend and the introduction to her blog, 'It'll be here for u to get a good laugh, a smile, a cry, a wishful thought', couldn't be more true. Maybe that's why it felt so familiar... Beyond inspiring us with thoughtful quotes, fabulous fashion and personal glimpses, Erika does awesome things, like adopt an elephant!, that keep me coming back for more. Once you absorb this fabulous list, head on over and say hello!

Ashleigh has been so kind to ask me to do a guest post about "It's The Little Things" - and when you think about it - isn't it REALLY the "little" things that make everything so important?! - here's the "little things" in my life that make it so grand!

* Kayleigh (pups) greeting me with kisses and snuggling @ night with me in bed
*  Coffee always waiting for me in the morning at work
*  Boyfriend having the heated seats on in the car for when i get in
*   Mom's surprises: like a lavender candle waiting on my stairs for me
*  My Niece running into my arms when i pick her up from school
*  My friend list on my blog growing
*  Someone else picking up the tab
*  Buying something i LOVE - going to pay for it - to find it's on sale
*  Cooking with my Niece
*  Random compliment from a stranger
*  Reading old poetry i wrote and still know the meaning behind every word
*  Looking back and realizing i came a LONG way from 10 years ago
*  Getting a text/email/call from an old friend
*  Doing nothing with people i love and feeling like i accomplished a lot
*  Walking to the beach with Joe (boyfriend) and enjoying the solitude with each other
*  Ice cold Blue Moon while fishing on the boat
*  Being on the phone with my best friend and laughing so much it hurts
*  Getting updates on my adopted elephant Melia
*  Always having strawberry cupcakes for my birthday
*  Warm towel waiting for me as I exit the shower
*  Joe spritzing his house in lavender b/c i love the scent
*  Talking to my Dad every night about anything and everything

Thank you Ashleigh for letting my share "my little moments" that make my life as special as it is! as anything, the list can go on for days - within the last 10 years i really developed a sense of recognizing all the little things around me that are indeed special and make my life the way it is - hope you enjoyed my little specs of "happiness" i experience on a daily basis! -  they really do make such a difference when you take a step back and be thankful for each and every one!

If you like to know more about me - give me a smile and join my blog
head on over to ~TiptoeButterfly~ .. that's where you'll find me!
i love making new blog friends
don't be shy, i'm super nice - promise!

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Isn't Erika's list of little things wonderful?! Your favorite birthday treat, an unexpected greeting from a friend, a new blog follower...I can relate to all of them!  Thanks so much to Erika for sharing her list with us, what a wonderful inspiration to get us in a grateful mood! What little thing are you appreciating today?

Guest Post: It's the Little Things #3

Monday, October 18, 2010

While I'm away on vacation some lovely guest posters will be sharing the 'little things' that mean the most to them. Please extend a warm welcome!

From the first moment I stumbled on Casee Marie's lovely blog, The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower, I was hooked. A self proclaimed 'old-fashioned gal who appreciates elegance and glamour', this is exactly what you'll find on a visit to Casee Marie. In addition to her friendly tone of writing and delightful posts, I swoon over all the items in her Wishpot Wednesdays! With each visit I learn something new and leave feeling a tad more 'in the know'. Be sure to head over and say hello (after you read her story of course), you'll be charmed! (You can also find her co-authoring at SHE.)

 Photo by Lavender1919

I'm delighted to be contributing to Ashleigh’s lovely series about the little things that mean the most to us! I’d like to share some of my fondest autumn memories, which lie in Glen Arbor, a little town in western Michigan. It all started when, in the early years of my childhood, our neighbors invited us on a trip to the opposite side of the mitten state to see the foliage, climb the sand dunes and snack on the cherries. The drive, I recall, was riddled with childish anticipation which was only stifled when we came upon a hill overlooking the flaming colors of fall. Western Michigan has the most majestic color palette in the fall; it goes beyond visual stimulation, it moves you to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. And when you stop to appreciate one thing, it sets off a chain reaction: suddenly the people you’re with, the sound of their laughter mingling with the music from the car radio, it all becomes more vibrant, and infinitely more important. Our trips became an autumnal tradition, the car ride and the sand dunes and the quaint little shop called The Cherry Republic. On our first trip, the cherry shop was no more than a modest cabin gently tucked into the woodsy town of Glen Arbor. The staff, which was few and yet some of the nicest few you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, offered stories and samples of their gourmet cherry products. Since that first year the small cabin has grown to include two sister cabins: a winery and a café. The staff never changed, nor did the cherries and, of course, the resplendent colors of autumn that caused me to stop and appreciate everything around me. Every year when the faintest colors start to appear on the trees I'm always drawn back to that wonderful time in my life, and the gentle simplicity of realizing what's truly important in life.

Can't you just smell the fresh air and hear the crunching leaves? Just thinking about it makes me smile! Thanks again, Casee Marie for sharing your story with us! 

What 'little thing' are you appreciating today?

It's the Little Things #2

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being completely ridiculous even though you're all adults.

Throughout our childhood, my cousins, brother and I were forced enjoyed having an annual portrait made for our grandmother. A torturous process for four hyper kids (as well as our patient Aunt) to endure, we made the most of it and somewhere down the line began utilizing props for the very last but just as important 'crazy picture'. Sadly, we all grew up around the same time (and by grow up I mean got jobs, had weddings, moved, and were suddenly busy.) After skipping several years we reunited for another session and although well above the tolerated age for being silly in cheap photo studio's, we tortured our photographer (and Aunt) one more time. :)

(Notice the brilliant use of falling flower petals. Coincidently, it is not recommended to use your own camera in a photo studio. Go figure...)

It's The Little Things #1

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fact: Life is filled with many wonderful things that we take for granted.
Fact: I like series'. (Evidence here and here.)
Fact: A new series about appreciating the 'Little Things' shall!

Here at Little Girl, Big World the word little is so much more than a size. It's a feeling...

-A description of things I love (as in, "I love my little family", even though my family is not that little.)
-A way to express cuteness - "Look at that little (insert adorable, regular size item here)!"
-Used to convey appreciation - "Aww...It's the little things."

And you know what? It is the little things.
I hope you'll settle in and appreciate the little things with me!

Spooky Sephora

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have you seen these Halloween makeup kits from Sephora? Pick your look and for $26 get everything you need to recreate it. If the how-to guide isn't enough (sometimes you just need a visual) watch the video's for a little extra help. And the best can work the cosmetics into your usual lineup when you're done playing dress up. Genius!

So...let's hear it - what's your Halloween costume this year??

Wicked Wedding

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photos by Jill Johnson

While searching for a pumpkin project I came across this fabulously wicked wedding (don't you love it how that happens?)  Although the theme wasn't over the top Halloween, the couple worked in a few surprises including my favorite, witches tights under her dress! See a few more photo's here.

Happy 13th!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's that time again, my favorite day of the month...I hope you have a great one! Has it ever been lucky for you? Does it creep you out at all?? Do share!

More 13 love...

Natalia Alaverdian

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recently I've become enamored with Natalia Alaverdian's style.  And why wouldn't I be, she's a stylist and fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia). From sweet ensembles to fiesty and playful, her look spans cultures and genres. Take a peek...

See more of her bodacious outfits here.

Mini State Necklace

Monday, October 11, 2010

Living in a diverse city it's always interesting to find out where people came from. I love the idea of state representation and these necklaces are the most recent on my list. Catching up with a friend last week she mentioned that it took her 12 years to finally move to California. I'm thinking it would be pretty neat to own one of these pretties as a 'goal' piece...

P.S Check out another great state design here!

Happy Weekend! {Closet Envy Edition}

Friday, October 8, 2010

This weekend our big project is the seasonal closet swap. It's one part fun (like getting a new wardrobe all at once!), one part stressful (what if I need that tank top in the middle of winter?) Ugh. Actually, despite being a ton of work switching wardrobes for 2 people, it's a project I really don't dread because I like organizing and playing with clothes :) However, life would be a tad easier if I had an entire room to devote to it. I think my dream closet would include sections for each color family and space in the middle for a jewelry/accessories cabinet. Feast your eyes upon these fabulous closets/dressing rooms....

 J.Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons
 First image as featured in Domino
Second photo by Rebecca Greenfield via Elle Decor

Nicky Hilton's shoe collection is organized by designer. *sigh* 
 Photo by Paul Costello for InStyle

  Olive Wilde transformed a guest room and sitting room into a 
spacious walk-in. How gorgeous is that vanity??
 Photo by  William Waldron for InStyle

The dressing room of designer Laura Vinroot Poole as featured in Domino.
Where can I find a jewelry armoire like this?? 
Image via So Haute

No idea who these belong to but they sure are pretty...

If you could peek into/pull from any closet who would you choose??

Now snap back to reality and wipe the drool....
Happy Weekend!

(P.S. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on the Men's Guide to Fall Fashion, I loved hearing your opinions!)

How to Set a Pretty Table

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Real Simple featured this quick guide for setting a pretty table and it got me thinking about how when it comes setting the table (which is rare) I can never for the life of me remember which side the fork goes on. It's such a simple thing really but I've never been able to make it stick. Despite my poor memory, I do appreciate a pretty table setting...

Formal settings are about logical placement, positions are determined by order of use.

Casual settings can incorporate more fun with pattern and personality. Did you know that knife blades should face the plate?  According to Anna Post, it's impolite for blades to face other diners.

Sunday brunch setups should flow to avoid pileups. Placing silverware rolled in napkins at end of the line prevents the balancing act.

What type of table setter are you? Nightly, occasionally, never?? We're more of a grab your plate with fork in hand and head to the table, coffee table that is...oh the shame in admitting it!

Men's Guide to Fall 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The blogosphere is flooded with fall must-have lists for women so I thought I'd put together a little something for the guys...

Regardless of whether he cares about fashion or not, there are a few pieces a man needs to get him through the chilly temperatures. These will do the trick:

1. Army Jacket - vintage or 'brand-spanking-new-but-looks-old',  putting one on instantly enhances your cool factor.
Gap Utility Jacket - $98

2. Slim denim - Sure you might feel weird about it, that's why we're calling them slim instead of skinny. Clue - women are sooo over your fat jeans - something a little more tailored will actually make you look thinner! A dark rinse is super versatile.

Levi Slim Straight 514 - $79.50
If Slim is really too scary, give straight cut a try.  Just remember, carpenter jeans = no-no.

3. Flannel Shirt - beaten up is best (tip - 'washed' is the industry term - it basically means soft and cozy.)
AE Plaid Flannel Shirt - $39.50

4. Colorful Watch - between the greys, browns, and blacks of fall/winter a colorful watch will add some pop without being over the top. Think red, cobalt, or deep orange.
Locman Titanium Red Watch - $274
For a less expensive option just switch the band.

5. Layering Piece - whether a cardigan, vest, or structured hoodie these are essential for keeping out the wind before it's time for a real coat.  Pair with #3. (Northface jackets do not count.)
Old Navy Quilted Vest - $39.50

6. Great Boots - particulary in real leather that will last for eons. Works well with all of the above.
Steve Madden Jouste Boot - $100

7. Patterned Woven - combo's of red/navy, blue/brown, navy/green are foolproof. Roll the sleeves for added flair.
Lands' End Canvas Poplin Shirt - $39.50

8.  Adult Sweatshirt - Unless you're at the game pleeeease trade in that team hoodie for something a little more grown up. Comfy and good looking at the same time - score! (Oh, and these days it's called Fleece Crew.)
J.Crew Vintage Fleece Crewneck - $49.50

 9. Fancy Hat - don't underestimate the hottest male accessory right now. Hold off on the beanie until you really need it, go for one of these instead.
Goorin Bros. Downey Hat - $43

10. Man Bag - don't fight me on this. Seeing a well dressed guy carrying a 'free gift with purchase laptop case' is like eating chocolate chip cookies without milk - it's just icky. Look for a canvas body with leather details for lightweight daily use.
Fossil EW Messenger Bag - $168

Have questions? Comment below or email me!