Modern Portraits

Monday, May 10, 2010

Remember in the olden days when families would pose for huge painted portraits on canvas to hang above the mantel? Well this is nothing like that.

Illustrator Nan Lawson creates adorable family (or friend) portraits using your photos and a little personal info. It's custom, it's cute and it's cheap - $40 gets you an 8x10 print as well as a digital version to use wherever you'd like.

How seriously neat is that? I totally want one with the hubby and little black kitties :)

Check out her site for more information.


  1. those are really cute - i've been wanting to get something like that done for awhile. i love ashley g's custom portraits as well.

  2. This is adorable!! I definitely want one of husband and I with our little Cairn Terrier. I much prefer this to a regular portrait!

  3. I really adore those! The simplicity of them is so endearing!
    My favourite one is the 2nd one :)
    Have a great afternoon :)
    Ps: I hope you will post some photos from the Pomegranate Party you are organizing...I would love to see them :)

  4. Saw your blog on 20sb. Love it.

    Also love these portrait. They are so simple but they really contain a lot of personality.

    I can just picture one with my little family.

  5. Seesaw - Just checked out Ashley G's portraits too, super cute!

    Hip Hip - I totally agree! More forgiving too, no Photoshop needed for pimples :)

    Diana - I will definitely post pomegranate pics - some early next week, the party is Sunday!

    Jennifer - thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks for the req.
    I'm Really happy to discover your blog, is so beautiful!
    I will follow you with pleasure!

    Licia_The Maison Happiness


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