Microwave Jam

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo by Aimee at Simple Bites

Doesn't this look yummy?  You can make it in the microwave!  Maybe I'll dig out my inner domestic goddess and try it out...she's been hibernating through the winter but an 87 degree Sunday should bring her out :)

(P.S. I feel certain I saw this on someone's blog earlier. I saved the link but not the source - if it was you let me know!)


  1. Hi Ashley,
    I hope I have inspired with my strawberry jam--you wont regret trying it!

    Thanks for the shout-out, but in the future, please ask before grabbing my photos. Yep, that one is my baby!


  2. Yummy! This looks AWESOME! Will I get the recipe on Aimee's blog?

  3. Aimee - Sure thing! I've added a source link to the photo - wasn't thinking as a link was included in the post.

    Kanwalful - just click through the post link, all you need is there :)

  4. Mmmm this does look good! So summery and southern! you show those chicago kids how it's done! ;)

  5. What you can make this in the microwave??? I am going to have to try that...it looks yummmy indeed. Have fun in the sun this weekend :)

    Laura x

  6. Thanks SO much, Ashleigh! It's much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading!


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