Things I'm Grateful For - Z

Monday, May 17, 2010

 is for Zinfandel

Red Zinfandel that is.  With your robust flavor and deep burgundy color - you range from light and fruity to intense and peppery - and that's what I love about you. Thanks for being my wine of choice. (And the perfect way to cap off this series!)

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. The Alphabet Series might be coming to an end but the fun is just beginning! Stay tuned for a special treat tomorrow - something to be GRATEFUL for indeed ;)


  1. This was a great series :-) I'm a big believer that you can never show too much gratitude, and this is a lovely display of that.

  2. i like this installment of "things i'm grateful for"--so clever!

    check out my blog some time! i follow you now.


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