Wizard of Oz Book Covers

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jessica Hische, the artist behind the Daily Drop Caps I'm using for the Alphabet Series, recently taught a class at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She assigned the students one project with several components: book cover design and endpapers, title page, and bookplate for a special edition novelization of The Wizard of Oz. Here are a few they came up with, don't you just love creative people?

  By Grace Kennedy

P.S. The Wizard of Oz is my Mom's favorite movie, Happy Mother's Day weekend Mom!


  1. This is my favorite movie! I am in love.

  2. Classic and magical! What a great set of design.

  3. What a great selection! I love the movie!
    Great post! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  4. Great project idea and what a wonderful works!
    My favorite is the one by Grace Kennedy. It captures my associative thoughts about this book.

  5. I wish these were real. As in, I could buy them on Amazon.

  6. Wizard of Oz is best movie ever. These are awesome.


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