Happy (Long) Weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Speaking of front porches - we're enjoying the holiday weekend in Tennessee and my heart is happy. We'll be spending 2 days at a BBQ competition, eating some good food and listening to live tunes. My Stepdad has a BBQ team and my Dad's blues band is playing. My own little slice of heaven!

Have you ever been to one? They're so exciting! The competition is fierce but it's all in good fun. Since I'm a vegetarian my role is the 'runner' - the person who turns in the food for judging. Lacing up my sturdy shoes and setting that stopwatch - here I come...

Here's a little taste!

Happy Weekend - I hope you're doing something you love!


  1. Oh wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! And what I can only imagine is some very delicious barbecue!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  2. How lovely my dear... True, wonderful America!

    I have so much enjoyed being back in the States. Root beer and giant cookies... wow! I'll be celebrating Memorial Day in NY, a picnic in Central Park.

  3. that last photo is so cute!


    xo Alison

  4. I always wanted to be part of something like that! It must be so much fun...That little doggy is so cute...Have fun and I hope you guys will win!

  5. Yum! that looks and sounds like so much fun :) I love that your dad is in a band!! we don't get memorial day long weekend in Canada...too bad! Everyone I know in the states loves all the festivities it entails. Great pictures!!


  6. Oh my gosh! This sounds incredibly fun and yummy. Wish I did the same. I've only seen and heard of these on t.v. but never actually been to a bar-b-q competition. I love bbq's.

    ^-^ oxox


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