Gorgeous Gisele

Thursday, May 27, 2010

 Photo via The Fashion Spot

Everything Fabulous posted these photos of Gisele looking gorgeous in mis-matched patterns. Is it just me or does she keep getting prettier? This one makes me want to make sun tea and sit on my front porch to watch the sunset.


  1. she is indeed beautiful! great looks!

  2. it's not just you, she is getting prettier & prettier over the years!
    Great photo!

  3. wow she is beautiful and very lucky because she can wear anything!!! Mis-matched patterns...even badly cut garments...she makes them all look amazing...ahhh I do want to sit outside by a lake with cranberry puntch and the warm sun on my face.

    Laura x

  4. I don't know what she's trying to do in this picture but I'm not sure it really matters! She looks gorgeous doing anything!!

  5. She is stunning and she got back to her super model size so fast after the baby...Kisses

  6. She is absolutely stunning.

    *-* ox


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