To Russia with Love

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo by Gargaro

Coming from a family of pranksters I'm usually the victim of tomfoolery while the comics sit back and laugh at my expense. But I was feeling a little spicy for April Fool's Day this year and decided it was my turn to get them back. Alex and I sat down last night and made a very serious, 6 minute video explaining we'd be moving to Russia for a year and laying out all the details including:

-Showing a copy of my 'visa'
-Talking about the Moscow apartment his friend rented for us
-Offering up our Chicago apartment for rent
-My excitement to meet the rest of Alex's family
-The perfect 'timing' for it due to a situation with my job and our desire to have kids soon

We did it in 2 takes, only because the sound was warped on the 1st one, and pretty much pulled the 'facts' out of thin air.We emailed it to a chosen few late last night and after a sea of varying responses this morning, I had no idea how funny it is to prank people!  I do feel terrible for the following reasons:

1. My Mom cried. Then vomited. Then called me at 4:00am (she's an early riser). Then hung up on me and vomited again.
2. She also woke my brother at 4:30am so he could 'freak out' with her.
3. My girlfriends thought that 'girls weekend' was canceled since we'd be gone by April 30th
4. Another friend was so excited he was ready to come visit us in Moscow & willing to rent our apartment in Chicago for a bit. I didn't have the heart let him down, I made Alex do it!

I like to think I'm an honest and sincere person so maybe my reputation made it more believable. It got me thinking about the power that pranksters have...I get why it's so addicting! As funny as it was, I'll stick with my reserved personality, I don't have the heart to make people suffer for very long! 

What are some of your favorite pranks? I would love to hear!


  1. WOW! that is amazing! What a perfect April Fools Day Joke!
    Happy Spring!

  2. I LOVE pranks!! April Fools should be my favorite day but I always forget ;)

    My very favorite prank ever was when I told an ex that I couldn't ride a bike. For whatever reason we'd dated for four years and bike riding never came up! His stepdad got a zip bike (motorized) and I begged to ride it. He helped my on as I pretended to be super nervous and he held the back running along side me. Finally I hit the gas and took off. He, along with his entire family started shouting and jumping, "She did it!!! She's riding a bike!" Then I came back around the circle and pulled over... They were in Awe! I had to admit I always knew how to ride a bike. It was the longest prank/lie I ever told ;) It was pretty funny.



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