Spring Beauty Faves

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I made a few spring beauty product purchases lately and these are 2 I'm loving:

A pink pop lipstick
Flirt HIGH WATTAGE Intense & Creamy Lipcolor # 13 
(It goes on bright & fun. Looks like it's sold out online!)

An at home facial peel that combats dullness, lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, age spots and enlarged pores? Sign me up! I just started this system last weekend and I'm using it every 3 days. (My Mom turned me onto this back in December, I finally got around to purchasing a set of my own and wish I would've done it sooner, mother knows best!) The tingling isn't bad at all & my face feels squeaky clean afterward.

And here are a few on my wishlist:

For my super oily skin, warm weather makes it worse!

Another oily skin problem, constantly creasing eye shadow.
Supposedly, this stuff is the bomb! (Thanks for the tip Tricia!)

I'm not a fan of the dry shampoo sprays, they just make my hair feel wierd.  I do frequent the old baby powder trick and I'm loving this tinted powder idea! I bet it smells nice, too!

For a summery glow. Or as Benefit says "a sugar rush flush" - sounds good to me!

What are your spring beauty faves this year?

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