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Thursday, April 8, 2010


is for Carpool

Today I'm grateful for Carpooling.
Nearly 4 years ago I went to a seminar at work, not knowing I would sit beside someone who would soon become a wonderful friend.  After chit chatting we realized we both had southern roots, only lived a few blocks from each other, and wanted to share the 60 mile a day commute with someone. The next day was our 1st ride and we've been doing it ever since.  You never know what you're going to get when you decide to hop in the car and spend 2-plus hours per day with someone, but I must say I got a pretty good deal and a very sweet friend. From frustrating standstills, slippery snowstorms and 'running-late, need-to-do-my-makeup-in-the-car, can-you-drive?' moments, Brooke has saved my sanity many times. Our carpool days are numbered and as they come to a close I want her to know how much I've enjoyed our commuting moments. Of course the traffic is frustrating but I wouldn't trade that time for anything.  Having a carpool buddy is like having a roommate; we're both married but we get at least 2 hours of girl time per day, it's the best of both worlds! Not to mention having a gym partner, event date, and an additional wardrobe to occasionally borrow from. I think we've covered nearly every possible topic of discussion without ever running out of things to talk about: from TV recaps, celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty, to work, family and personal life. Did you know it's possible to plan a beautiful out of state wedding from the car?

We still live nearby so it's not like I won't ever see her but it's the everyday moments I'll miss. The mundane things that you don't normally hear about like what to have for dinner, household chores, or the nail polish you bought at Target last night. I'll also miss seeing her cute outfits every day and squealing over most recent purchases.

So Brooke,
Thanks for being such a wonderful carpool buddy and an even better friend. I've enjoyed trekking to the 'burbs with you for nearly 4 years. I knew someday I'd look back and think of these as the good old days, I just didn't know it would be this soon. I hope you know how much I've enjoyed your company and look forward to finding new (less stressful) ways to spend time together. You're always welcome to sit on the balcony to read magazines and my closet is always open if you need to borrow a dress. I should also say congratulations to us on zero speeding tickets (not as a team anyway) and 1 minor accident (not my fault!) We made a pretty good team. I won't miss the drive but I will definitely miss spending that time together.
Love always,

P.S. I can drive tomorrow.

 With our husbands, who wait patiently for us to arrive home safely.

Faithful readers: I know this post is a little late but honestly, this one was emotionally harder than I expected. I just kept getting so sad trying to write it and it wasn't coming out right. I'll try to do better...


  1. That was such a sweet post. And great snaps of the two of you. Awwww.


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