Tennessee Shower for Tiny Timchenko!

Friday, October 3, 2014

I couldn't have imagined a prettier day than September 20th in East Tennessee. Baby girl was showered with love at a pinky-peach soiree under the beautiful southern sunshine.

Vintage linens were used as table cloths and mixed with modern decor like this smashing tassel garland that will one day hang in her future nursery.

Topped with florals and fruit, there were a variety of cakes, like my grandmother's coconut cake, which was a special request since it's just out of this world delicious.

(That's a coconut cake happy face.)

It was great to catch up with loved we hadn't seen in ages...

...like this gal that I've been friends with since 9th grade. (Aren't her twins adorable?)

Everyone wrote advice for us, including my five year old niece....

...and guessed the circumference of my bump. How awesome that my brother was the winner - he was spot on!!

The men were asked to complete every day tasks, like tying their shoes, with a balloon belly. 
It was pretty flippin' hilarious. 

And oh my goodness, the gifts galore! 

My cousin put together this baby basket filled with outfits and corresponding memories...

Like one in honor of our St. Patty's together and another for our last Halloween.

And my grandmother made a pillow case embroidered with, "Nobody puts this baby in the corner."             
Because you know how perfect that is!

It was an amazing day in a beautiful setting with some of my favorite company, soaking up love and excitement.

Of course the afternoon flew by in the blink of an eye, but we'll cherish the memories for always! 

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