Week 34 Recap: The 3 T's

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Freaking love this quote! 

This week can be summed up with the three T's, and I'm not talking Timchenko's.... Tissues, Tums, and Tightness were the recipe for misery in numero thirty-four.
  • I caught a cold towards the end of the week as if wasn't hard enough to catch my breath already, so stuffy sinuses didn't help any. It also contributed to even more tiredness (didn't think that was possible) so some major naps were had. 
  • Acid reflux crept back into the routine. There were a few rough nights this week and I can't pinpoint a certain food or culprit, but at least it's not 24/7, and thank goodness for Tums. 
  • Speaking of Tums...tummy tightness! For several days in a row the skin above my belly button felt stretched to the max (so tight and itchy!). I tried oiling up the belly, covering it in plastic wrap and sitting with a heating pad off and on to try to loosen it up a little. Then I was using band-aids to pull it back towards center for some relief, swapping them out and changing directions every few hours. (It's a miracle there are no stretch marks...yet.) I knew I was allergic to medical/adhesive tape but don't usually have a problem with short term bandages. Turns out though, four days in row of constant use caused a rash that itches worse than the stretching. Yay. 
The good news in all of this is that I still think pregnancy is one of the coolest things ever. The science of it amazes me (and helps me accept some of these strange symptoms) and even though she wiggled non-stop for five days in a row (my poor organs) it's a great feeling knowing she's alive and kicking in there (literally!). We had a good appointment with the midwife; the bump is measuring on track and my girls' got a good heartbeat. So despite the moments when it feels like an elbow is scraping my insides, I'm not ready to post her eviction notice just yet. Keep bakin' babes, we've got lots to do before you arrive. 

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  1. What a fabulous quote–and the perfect perspective about bringing new life into the world!


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