Week 33 Recap: From 2003 to Week 33

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 33
(Photo by Hannah Drews Photography)

Even though I move like a turtle, can't tie my own shoes, and require assistance to rise from the couch I still have pinch me moments that this is really happening. We're having a baby!

A few weeks ago I felt content with where we were. I felt decent, and as far as we knew/know things are going well. Everything seemed easy in the world; I eat, she's nourished. I sleep, she sleeps. I know exactly where she is at all times without the hassle of dirty diapers. If she could just stay in that little cocoon forever how awesome that would be! But approaching the last month or so my tune is changing. I'm getting more anxious and excited to see and hold my girl, and know for sure that's she healthy and happy. (I guess that's the thing about parenthood, you'll never really know...). So I'm trying to embrace the changes as much as possible and keep enjoying all these final moments for what they are, even though I swear she's practicing to be a gymnast in there. (Ye-ouch!)

Last week was pretty uneventful. I'm feeling more tired overall, even with a decent night's sleep, and had to skip out on a few planned events. By the end of the day, alright fine, mid-afternoon, I'm just zapped. Accomplishing anything (cleaning up, running errands, getting ready) just takes longer and requires so much more effort. 

I spent some time over the weekend sorting and organizing old pictures. (It's crazy how they just stop after around 2004. Even though we started using our digital camera in the early 2000's, I still continued to print photo's, until suddenly we just didn't anymore. Just an interesting observation.) Anyway, I found this one of us, which has always been a favorite, taken a few weeks before we were married. I remember it like yesterday, being so excited and giddy in love on a last minute beach trip. I posted it on my personal Facebook account and was thinking how crazy it is to think we thought we knew each other then. And maybe we did, but so much changes in eleven years, I'm just thankful we continued liking the people we grew to be. 


Compared to those two people at the top (who've aged a little in looks and wisdom), I see two babies above. We've learned a lot about each other, and ourselves, over the years. I'd estimate a few hundred arguments, a thousand tears, approximately 8,547 responses of "I don't know" when he asks where I want to go for dinner, and probably a million laughs.

In a few weeks everything will change more than ever before. We'll have a piece of us walking this earth. (Ok, not literally walking, but you know what I mean.) Our very own little mix of a girl who got lost and found a boy. And you know what guys, that is the most awesome, terrifying feeling in the world.

Wishing you a happy week. Stay tuned for some more snaps of our maternity shoot to come!

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