Week 30/31 Recaps: Things I'm Grateful For

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby me and baby he.
No official bump pic this week, lots taken here though!

Things have been pretty stable and my recap posts are starting to sound a little similar in the past few weeks (I love baby kicks and bathroom breaks are reoccurring themes) so to switch it up a little here are a few things I'm grateful for so far:

  • Sleep - Every time I read the two weekly pregnancy update emails I receive they talk about ways to get better sleep. Luckily, shut eye hasn't been a problem for me. Yes, turning over in the bed feels different (more difficult) and I do get up a few times in the night for bathroom breaks, but I fall back asleep easily and dozing soundly hasn't been a problem. I've always been a person that just looooves sleep, so maybe some of it is just my make up, but I did read early on that taking calcium and magnesium together before bed really help to get a sound night and I can definitely tell a difference in the few nights I've forgotten it. So.. yay for sleep! I know I'll need that stock once the little lady makes her debut. 
  • No cravings. You read that right. Ziltch. It seems a little strange but I'm cool with it.
  • Friends and Family - After two showers (one in Tennessee, one in Chicago) I can't remember a time when I've felt so much love all at once. To have people be genuinely excited about this little person we've never met, filling us with positive vibes and her closet with precious tiny little clothes, really means the world to me. The word "blessed" is grossly overused these days but it this case, it's completely appropriate. I'm not sure how we got so lucky but it's not taken for granted and I appreciate every kind word and belly rub. 
  • An uncomplicated pregnancy (so far) - I know things could change at any minute, but up to this point I wouldn't dare complain! 
  • A changed perspective. Early on I'd see fellow preggo's penguin walking about and think, "No, not the waddle, that can't happen". (Hey, just being honest. I might have been a bit of a pregnancy snob.) But inevitably the way one carries herself when toting around an extra 25-ish pounds changes things a bit. I refer to it as my "swaddle", (not to be confused with tightly wrapped newborns) it's my swag waddle, and I wear it proudly because it means in 8 more weeks *this girl* is going to be somebody's mama. Eek! ;) 
  • A supportive hubby who helps buckle my shoes, pull me off our couch, push me up stairs, shares my blog posts, and is enthusiastic about our birth classes (2 hours a week for 12 weeks you guys!). He's gonna be a good Dad! 
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P.S. When this blog was still pretty new (all the way back in 2010, whoa.) I did a Grateful Series based on the alphabet. After re-reading recently, it's funny how things haven't changed much! Check it out here.

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