Week 29 Recap: Showered with Love

Friday, September 26, 2014

29 weeks

Over the weekend we celebrated baby girl in Tennessee with family and friends. (More pics coming soon!) It was incredible to be home, surrounded by sweetness and laughter. Quality time with loved ones ranks at the top of my most favorite activities and it meant so much to be showered with such love and excitement. The hugs, the stories shared, the tiny baby clothes! It makes my heart swell to know that our girl is cared for so much already. Of course the time flew by and aside from being homesick as ever and overwhelmed with wonderful emotion here are a few more happenings in pregnant town this week:

  • I've said it before, but I'm obsessed with baby movement. People probably get tired of seeing me hold or rub my belly all the time but feeling her squirm is just the most amazing thing. (I don't want to miss a one!) Sometimes before bed we just lay and watch her wiggle. Alex says it's like looking for falling stars because you may have to stare for a few minutes before seeing anything worth noting. He also says I've started to gently hold his belly in during the night. I guess in my sleep one belly is the same as the next...
  • Speaking of kicks, she beat me from the inside all the way from Chicago to East Tennessee. All 12 hours in the car. (Thanks, baby. Not!)  At times I honestly thought she was trying to punch her way out. And maybe it was from all the sitting, but every symptom I've had so far decided to come back at the same time during the trip down. From my back hurting and many bathroom breaks, to feet swelling and a little nausea, I have never been so excited to exit a car once we arrived. 
  • She reeeeally likes Cracker Barrel (like her mama). Biscuits and apple butter equal kick, kick, kick! 
  • We are loving our birth classes. I've always been interested in the science/miracle of pregnancy and we're learning so much. If you're in the market I highly recommend our teacher

Hope your week was happy! 

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