Happy Weekend! (Dress Form Edition)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This weekend we're hitting up an Art Walk and hopefully browsing some thrift stores. I'm on the hunt for a dress form (aka French mannequin) to decorate with. From elegant to shabby chic, with modern polka dots or vintage linen - there are a gazillion different ways you can use them...

Layer it with necklaces. Display your favorite bags. Cover her in a gorgeous frock. Convert into a memo board. What would you do with it?

Photo by Rossana

 Photo via Houzz

Photo via Country Living

Photo via Pottery Barn

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Happy Weekend!


  1. i forgot you left thursday for good. =(

  2. I like the 1st one, so lovely!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Oooo, I've never thought of using a dress form to display my jewelry but I'm loving that idea!! It would be so easy to get dressed in the morning, no more fumbling around jewelry boxes. I might really have to look into this.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Growing up, we had a lovely dress form, but it was always covered in projects my designing mother was working on! To be honest, there were few things more exquisite than watching a wedding gown she was making come to life!

  5. that's really cool. i think i would use one to hang my necklaces. happy weekend! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. oh ashleigh!! i passed one of these up at home goods about a month ago. had it in my hand and put it back...when it was promptly snatched up by another woman who had been stalking me around the store. what was i thinking??

    i'd use it for jewelry and to lay out next day's outfit. or just to profile a favorite piece that cheers me up. say, martin + osa.


  7. ooo what a great decorating idea! good luck scouting one out :)

  8. dress forms are lovely, everytime i go to a shop i want one for my room. its like, whenever i am in my pgs i can dress her up and feel better about everything. its a brilliant idea. and just perfect.

  9. Oh, I want the polka dot one! Too darling. I have a rod iron one which I keep scarves on. I've been on the hunt for a small one, maybe just a bust, to put on my dresser for necklaces. I haven't been able to find it yet. I got the rod iron one at a TJ Maxx Homegoods store in the suburbs of Chicago, though. (:

  10. that's what my room needs! a body form. :) i don't sew but it would just fit perfectly in the corner. thanks for the idea!

  11. awe! i love shabby chic ..and thrift stores for that matter! have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. I'd love one but not sure my husband would.... another reason for daydreaming about a dressing room. Hope you managed to find one.

  13. I like the necklace idea.
    Have a great weekend : )

  14. Hello there..I just found your blog...so happy I did:) Im your newest follower....the pics are amazing..I dont live that far away...Im in Mich..Fall has arrived here as well...Happy Saturday!!

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  15. I would love to have one for necklaces!

  16. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I love the photo of the bathroom above! So gorgeous! Your dress form makes me think of Krystal from This Time Tomorrow... she often poses with a dress form! Not sure if you already read her blog or not, but you can find her here! http://thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com/

  17. Oh beautiful - did you find one?!

    Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.


  18. My friend has one that she got for free from a small boutique going out of business..lucky biznatch! Keep us posted if you found one and where? I desperately need to organize my jewelry!!

  19. I want that bed and bedding right now to go to sleep in! (the first picture) looks so luxurious! :)


  20. Hey! If you didn't find a dress form - I found one for you in Lincoln Square. Let me know if you are interested. Really cool store!

  21. I definitely agree on the awesomeness of dress forms!


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