Men's Guide to Fall 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The blogosphere is flooded with fall must-have lists for women so I thought I'd put together a little something for the guys...

Regardless of whether he cares about fashion or not, there are a few pieces a man needs to get him through the chilly temperatures. These will do the trick:

1. Army Jacket - vintage or 'brand-spanking-new-but-looks-old',  putting one on instantly enhances your cool factor.
Gap Utility Jacket - $98

2. Slim denim - Sure you might feel weird about it, that's why we're calling them slim instead of skinny. Clue - women are sooo over your fat jeans - something a little more tailored will actually make you look thinner! A dark rinse is super versatile.

Levi Slim Straight 514 - $79.50
If Slim is really too scary, give straight cut a try.  Just remember, carpenter jeans = no-no.

3. Flannel Shirt - beaten up is best (tip - 'washed' is the industry term - it basically means soft and cozy.)
AE Plaid Flannel Shirt - $39.50

4. Colorful Watch - between the greys, browns, and blacks of fall/winter a colorful watch will add some pop without being over the top. Think red, cobalt, or deep orange.
Locman Titanium Red Watch - $274
For a less expensive option just switch the band.

5. Layering Piece - whether a cardigan, vest, or structured hoodie these are essential for keeping out the wind before it's time for a real coat.  Pair with #3. (Northface jackets do not count.)
Old Navy Quilted Vest - $39.50

6. Great Boots - particulary in real leather that will last for eons. Works well with all of the above.
Steve Madden Jouste Boot - $100

7. Patterned Woven - combo's of red/navy, blue/brown, navy/green are foolproof. Roll the sleeves for added flair.
Lands' End Canvas Poplin Shirt - $39.50

8.  Adult Sweatshirt - Unless you're at the game pleeeease trade in that team hoodie for something a little more grown up. Comfy and good looking at the same time - score! (Oh, and these days it's called Fleece Crew.)
J.Crew Vintage Fleece Crewneck - $49.50

 9. Fancy Hat - don't underestimate the hottest male accessory right now. Hold off on the beanie until you really need it, go for one of these instead.
Goorin Bros. Downey Hat - $43

10. Man Bag - don't fight me on this. Seeing a well dressed guy carrying a 'free gift with purchase laptop case' is like eating chocolate chip cookies without milk - it's just icky. Look for a canvas body with leather details for lightweight daily use.
Fossil EW Messenger Bag - $168

Have questions? Comment below or email me!


  1. I love that you wrote "don't fight me on this" with the man bag. To be honest, I love when men carry messenger bags as well.

  2. I'm always loving a nice watch and a nice man bag when they're worn properly.I agree with you on the list...Now we just have to get guys to agree with us as well :)

  3. great, some cool guys outwear! love the boots, most important! ;)

  4. Your man bag advice is some of my favorite men's wear advice-ever. My sweetheart stole a beautiful leather messenger I bought years ago in Spain and wears it everyday; he gets compliments about it all the time, and proudly says, "I stole it from my girl!"

  5. Great finds! I'm loving the colorful watch and the man-bag... might have to pass these ideas onto the hubby ;)

  6. I love all of this. The JCrew sweatshirt and the man-bag. The Chef (my bf) has one of these for his knives that he has to haul to and fro work, and it's hot. You never think til you see them carry it!!

    ps-i'm totally going to check out loft!! thx for the tip!


  7. Ooh, I would love to see that green army jacket paired with the red watch on my boyfriend. Nice picks!

  8. Bravo madam!! These are fantastic. Menswear is so hard sometimes. I sent my hub a link to that fedora's amazing!

  9. That cargo jacket is killer and super hottt...and that red watch is the perfect with it!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  10. I'm digging that 'adult sweatshirt' and a fedora is always a yes for me ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  11. these are all perfect choices for guys :) my boyfriend is a fan of the slim denim/woven plaid shirt trend.

  12. Nice choices! I totally agree on the hat. Very Matt Bomer in White Collar, one of my favorite looks on a guy.

  13. I like straight cut / slim jeans on my husband too.:D

  14. Great post! Nice to think of the guys! My guys wears those jeans and I love them on him!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  15. Nice to see mens fashion too :)

  16. Ok, first let me say that I am so glad men's fashion came back around to the rougher look, the man's man. My style. =)

    So since I bash horrible fashion choices normally, I'll give you my take on these....

    1. Military Style Utility Jacket - I have two of these, one from Belmont Army (real fatigue jacket in olive) and a heavier one from Gap (faded charcoal). I got the BA one 3 seasons ago, Gap was two winters ago. Was I a trend setter? =)

    2. I wear straight leg jeans. Always have, always will. Fads come and go, I'll still look normal and not cringe at old photos.

    3. I own a few flannels, and have for a few years. I just purchased a couple more, but the older the better. A classic go to for winter months.

    4. I wear one watch. I am not a jewelry person at all, so it had to have function. Nothing fancy, but it's a survival watch. Colors look nice, just not for me.

    5. Quilted vests are a must have for me. I probably have 10-12 different colors (even a dusty orange Nautica and a bright yellow Gap on), one with a vintage cordoroy yolk that I love. It is a big staple in my winter wardrobe.

    6. Durable leather boots have been a staple for me for a long time. I used to wear the same pair of Redwings for years, but two years ago I switched to Timberland Earthkeepers because I like what it stood for. They use recycled materials and minimize glue using stitching whenever possible. I beat the hell out of them last year and they still look brand new.

    7. I own a few wovens, don't wear them much though. Might have to give them a try this year again.

    8. I have a couple Columbia half zips and a Nike organic cotton with no logo that get regular use. I have the sports one, but usually used for gameday. More often then sweatshirts, I prefer henleys with a couple buttons. Lighter weight (I don't like being hot) and still just as versatile.

    9. OMG Goorin. I should own stock in this company. I have 3 fedoras from them, all from the Minna Artist collection because I like the little details. My favorite being "Shark Attack" with a subtle stitched shark in climbing the side of the point. The drivers and military caps are sweet as well.

    10. I carry a canvas Goorin Limited Minna Bag that I got a few years ago. I should probably update it, but I like the bag. Convenient to and from work, or even carrying cameras and a poncho when I'm wandering around the city. I could care less when people make fun of it or call it a purse. 99% of the time the people need to look in the mirror, because that travesty they put together and called an "outfit" is far from fitting.

  17. Sorry if that was too long, just my two cents. =)

  18. Jabberjaws - it is perfect! I love having feedback from a male and I'm glad you didn't find it ridiculous ;) You were totally a trend setter 3 seasons ago and I agree that Goorin is pretty much the bomb!!

  19. Ashleigh ~ I am with you 100% ~ great picks!

    I recently took the husband shopping for some new threads and convinced him he had to try a leaner fit jean ~ they look great on guys!

    PS ~ Annie's popcorn is heavenly; but there is just one small problem. I very well may be addicted to the sweet & salty treat now :)

  20. Ohh I love this and I know my Balazs would do too:)...I need to get him that sweater and I love layered look:)

    ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  21. Gotta love a well-dressed man...great picks here!

  22. Oh, my husband would so love this post! Great picks!

  23. That red watch!! I need it for my fiance!!!!!!

  24. You have a fabulous sense for men's style. Seriously, I wish I could hire you to shop for my husband!
    ; )

  25. Pretty!! enter my giveaway if you like!

  26. I've been trying to talk my boyfriend into getting a jacket like that first one.


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