It's The Little Things #1

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fact: Life is filled with many wonderful things that we take for granted.
Fact: I like series'. (Evidence here and here.)
Fact: A new series about appreciating the 'Little Things' shall!

Here at Little Girl, Big World the word little is so much more than a size. It's a feeling...

-A description of things I love (as in, "I love my little family", even though my family is not that little.)
-A way to express cuteness - "Look at that little (insert adorable, regular size item here)!"
-Used to convey appreciation - "Aww...It's the little things."

And you know what? It is the little things.
I hope you'll settle in and appreciate the little things with me!


  1. Such a great idea for a series and it already made me smile and happy!!
    Looking forward for more!

  2. Great idea, can't wait to read them :)


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