Guest Post: It's the Little Things #4

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When I started visiting Erika at Tiptoe Butterfly I felt like I already knew her. She writes like a friend and the introduction to her blog, 'It'll be here for u to get a good laugh, a smile, a cry, a wishful thought', couldn't be more true. Maybe that's why it felt so familiar... Beyond inspiring us with thoughtful quotes, fabulous fashion and personal glimpses, Erika does awesome things, like adopt an elephant!, that keep me coming back for more. Once you absorb this fabulous list, head on over and say hello!

Ashleigh has been so kind to ask me to do a guest post about "It's The Little Things" - and when you think about it - isn't it REALLY the "little" things that make everything so important?! - here's the "little things" in my life that make it so grand!

* Kayleigh (pups) greeting me with kisses and snuggling @ night with me in bed
*  Coffee always waiting for me in the morning at work
*  Boyfriend having the heated seats on in the car for when i get in
*   Mom's surprises: like a lavender candle waiting on my stairs for me
*  My Niece running into my arms when i pick her up from school
*  My friend list on my blog growing
*  Someone else picking up the tab
*  Buying something i LOVE - going to pay for it - to find it's on sale
*  Cooking with my Niece
*  Random compliment from a stranger
*  Reading old poetry i wrote and still know the meaning behind every word
*  Looking back and realizing i came a LONG way from 10 years ago
*  Getting a text/email/call from an old friend
*  Doing nothing with people i love and feeling like i accomplished a lot
*  Walking to the beach with Joe (boyfriend) and enjoying the solitude with each other
*  Ice cold Blue Moon while fishing on the boat
*  Being on the phone with my best friend and laughing so much it hurts
*  Getting updates on my adopted elephant Melia
*  Always having strawberry cupcakes for my birthday
*  Warm towel waiting for me as I exit the shower
*  Joe spritzing his house in lavender b/c i love the scent
*  Talking to my Dad every night about anything and everything

Thank you Ashleigh for letting my share "my little moments" that make my life as special as it is! as anything, the list can go on for days - within the last 10 years i really developed a sense of recognizing all the little things around me that are indeed special and make my life the way it is - hope you enjoyed my little specs of "happiness" i experience on a daily basis! -  they really do make such a difference when you take a step back and be thankful for each and every one!

If you like to know more about me - give me a smile and join my blog
head on over to ~TiptoeButterfly~ .. that's where you'll find me!
i love making new blog friends
don't be shy, i'm super nice - promise!

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Isn't Erika's list of little things wonderful?! Your favorite birthday treat, an unexpected greeting from a friend, a new blog follower...I can relate to all of them!  Thanks so much to Erika for sharing her list with us, what a wonderful inspiration to get us in a grateful mood! What little thing are you appreciating today?


  1. Such a great list, will go check out her blog as well :)

  2. GREAT list! I'm grateful for my family today and always!

  3. awe - THANK YOU so much for letting me guest post! - it was VERY special to me!!!!

  4. awee! great list! new followers always make me smile :)
    and i also love cupcakes and full moons!
    you guys made my day! xoxoxo

  5. i just found erika's blog and i loved reading more about her here!! :D

  6. Erika seems so charming and kind-can't wait to read her blog!

  7. This is such a great post! I visit Erika too and she always cracks me up or has something for me to ponder. We share more in common than I realized...a love for sale, strawberry cupcakes and nieces that jump on us after school - yay!!

    Today I'm enjoying the sounds of crazy rain and thunder (a rarity in Southern California) - and all before noon.


  8. Erika I just love your list sweetie! It's so good to make those every now and again :) xoxo

  9. Erika I love your list because it is just simple and it's evident you just like the small things! I love my morning coffee too and love it when my hubby has the seat warmers on before I get in the car too. Also love talking to my sis and mom and anything and everything! Great list.

  10. I love that list! Perfectly charming. I'm inspired to think about some of my favorite 'little things' now as well. (:


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