Happy Weekend! {Closet Envy Edition}

Friday, October 8, 2010

This weekend our big project is the seasonal closet swap. It's one part fun (like getting a new wardrobe all at once!), one part stressful (what if I need that tank top in the middle of winter?) Ugh. Actually, despite being a ton of work switching wardrobes for 2 people, it's a project I really don't dread because I like organizing and playing with clothes :) However, life would be a tad easier if I had an entire room to devote to it. I think my dream closet would include sections for each color family and space in the middle for a jewelry/accessories cabinet. Feast your eyes upon these fabulous closets/dressing rooms....

 J.Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons
 First image as featured in Domino
Second photo by Rebecca Greenfield via Elle Decor

Nicky Hilton's shoe collection is organized by designer. *sigh* 
 Photo by Paul Costello for InStyle

  Olive Wilde transformed a guest room and sitting room into a 
spacious walk-in. How gorgeous is that vanity??
 Photo by  William Waldron for InStyle

The dressing room of designer Laura Vinroot Poole as featured in Domino.
Where can I find a jewelry armoire like this?? 
Image via So Haute

No idea who these belong to but they sure are pretty...

If you could peek into/pull from any closet who would you choose??

Now snap back to reality and wipe the drool....
Happy Weekend!

(P.S. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on the Men's Guide to Fall Fashion, I loved hearing your opinions!)


  1. Dreamy images, thanks for sharing!:D

    Happy Weekend too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I wish my closet could look like that!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I would love to have the closet and space of Jenna Lyons. That is just perfect! Sadly, my little condo has a little closet and is definitely not glam!

  4. Oh my...Jenna Lyon's dressing room is Heaven! When my parents redid our house, they shrunk what had been their bedroom to give my brother's and my rooms much more space. The large walk in closet that was left became mine (in addition to the one in my room). I miss it everyday.

  5. YES! I LOVE photos like these - they are soo inspiring and drool-worthy (like you said ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  6. Closet envy indeed... I wish my closet looked like that/had all those clothes & shoes in it! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Lovely images, one day I'll have my own walk in closet for sure!
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. I DREAM of closets like this! We actually have a nice sized walk-in now, but its very boring. I need to work on it! Following you now, by the way :)

  9. Oh man, wouldn't that be nice!

  10. i'd have to choose blake lively's closet!
    and man i had to clean up a whole lot of drool after this post! happy weekend!

  11. Thank you so much dear!!! Hope you won't be disappointed by my little adventures there! ;)

  12. i want that closet. *sniff sniff*

    beautiful photos!


  13. Gorgeous! Oh, I want to see Olivia's closet, please. She must have at least ONE embarrassing garment. The girl's just too perfect.

  14. That shoe closet is unreal! I would love to peek inside Rachel Bilson or Nicole Ritchie's closet. Lady Gaga's would be interesting too!

  15. Such a sweet moment of daydreaming you are giving us dear... There are many lovely folks that get my sartorial attention.
    Nicole Ritchie.
    The Olssen sisters.
    Gwyneth Paltrow.
    Kate Moss.

    Anything every-day-glamour, contemporary, mixing different decades, a dash daring, figure-hugging...

    Such a sweet exercise indeed! Thanks for giving my Sunday a wonderful start - as I am sipping coffee and enjoying a dandy blog tour in the mid day approaching Paris!

    Hugs heading your way...

  16. The vanity is essential for my dream closet. I would love to see Victoria Beckham's closet, I adore her style.

  17. omg these are so fab!!! if only my closet looked like this sighhhh


  18. Oh, those shoes! I think someone has discovered heaven on earth. I might get super giddy and pass out if I were put in one of these fantastic closet-rooms (let's not pretend like they're regular closets).


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