January - Life, Lately

Sunday, February 1, 2015

With baby life keeping us busy and my phone/camera exploding with random pictures, I thought a monthly photo drop would be a good way to share and keep us in somewhat of an organized manner. Most are shots of E (obvi), and the major details will be in her monthly updates, so these will most likely be the day-to-day snaps, a behind the scenes you might say :)

I hope your scrolling finger is in good shape...

I just love this one, even though it's blurry as all get out! 

After Dad got a new 'do, mom wanted one, too! 

First night out, sans E. Thank you, grandparents! We got Evelina her first autographed CD from the band we saw. 

Was that a huge helping of us, or what?! Surely you're full, but if by chance you crave more don't forget you can follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


  1. Love all the pictures, you have a great adventure going on!

  2. aw, man- what a beautiful life! She looks so much like both of you! It's ridiculous.

    I love the new do :) Looks like baby life is treating you oh so well. :)

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