Discovering Downtown

Thursday, January 15, 2015

We've been spending some time in Tennessee during my maternity leave and it's been wonderful being near family and friends, as well as rediscovering my home town of Johnson City. One day last week we had an impromptu "downtown day", exploring hidden gems, finding new favorites, and savoring the charms of a smaller city than what we're used to.

It started with lunch at Korean Taco House...

Then Dad got a dapper new 'do at Bang, the cutest retro salon.

We followed it up with coffee at Willow Tree Coffeehouse. (With our smiley little owl of course.)

And finally, happy hour at Freiberg's, a delicious spot for German food and beer.

Other favorite spots include: 

Atlantic Ale House for a selection of 16 rotating craft beers.  

Krazy Krepes. You must try the bananrama. 

Alright locals, what other spots should we try? Share in the comments! 

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