A Letter to our Friends

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

With changes on the horizon lately I've been feeling sentimental and evocative thinking of our amazing friends in Chicago and around the country. I can't help but remember a conversation Alex and I had shortly after we got settled here almost ten years ago. Sitting on the balcony of our new condo one summer night, an adult beverage in hand, everything just felt good. Then he declared, "Now we just need Chicago friends." And it was true. The only thing missing was a good group of people we could call our own. Over the years we've met and become close with an unbelievable circle of individuals. Time, careers, and life changes have brought a few in and taken them away sooner than hoped, but the connections still remain. Some feel like they've been around since the start and continue to be fun fixtures in our daily lives, while others have arrived more recently but are just as meaningful. For all of these, I am so grateful. You have given me many favorite days. And in many ways, you're like family to me, not just because we spend holidays away from home together, but also because some bonds just won't be broken.

Whether it's sharing in shenanigans like theme parties, or celebrating life's big moments (like babies!), there is no comparison to that feeling of being understood, supported, and cared for. If I had time, I'd list all the names and address each of you individually. (And if you're wondering whether you'd be part of this list or not, just assume you are.) If we've shared a bottle of wine, celebrated a milestone, or made memories we can barely remember then you can bet we've felt welcomed into your life and I can only hope you've felt the same in return.

I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but I love knowing that no matter where the roads lead us, a cocktail hour or a couch to crash on can always be arranged. It's hard to remember life before so many amazing people came into it and whether we see you once a year now, or once a week, having you along on the journey means the world to me. Paths take us places, but our Ultra-Deluxe air mattress (or spare bedroom if we ever have one) will always be open. 

Life is meaningless without the three F's: Family, Friends, and Fun - thank you for making mine complete. 


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