Week 35 Recap: Booty and Boo!

Monday, November 3, 2014

35 weeks

I think the baby wanted to be Miley for Halloween because she was twerking up a storm in there this week! Supposedly she's head down now, and there's a constant booty in my ribs. But seriously, this kid moves like crazy. I've become that pregnant lady who has her hand on her belly almost always. Ten percent of the time it's just my way of saying hi to the little bean, but 90% of the time it's because I'm afraid she's going to just bust right on out of my skin. (As I type this it feels like a wrecking ball swinging around in there!) However, unlike the wrecking ball movements, baby hiccups (which she gets a lot) are the cutest thing ever! Totes makes me giggle.

Speaking of Halloween, we didn't really celebrate this year, which is kind of a bummer because I love it so much. But the weather was horrible on Friday and I was still getting over a cold so we did a very adult thing which was a trip to Ikea to buy a crib - woot! (And also have a meal of food, because what's a trip to Ikea without a plate of meatballs (for him) and a savory Swedish dessert (for me).

And speaking of food, is it possible to go an entire pregnancy with no cravings? Because that's been the case for me so far. There might be a slight increase in my sweet tooth but it's not like I've devoured a tub of ice cream or entire package of cookies in one sitting. Nothing tastes particularly amazing or better than usual. I was on an apple/juice/cider kick for a week or so but think it had more to do with fall weather and the delicious Honeycrisps in season than pregnancy. However, here's a symptom I've never heard of....drooling. I drool in my sleep now. Yeah, it's gross. And it's something I forgot to mention before but it's been happening for the last few months. Like, major pillow wetness in the night - ick. I've never heard of it in relation to pregnancy symptoms but it's been a regular for me.

Over the weekend I did the first few loads of baby laundry. Oh, how happy it makes my heart to see her tiny clothes hanging around! Alex picks them up and holds them like a pretend baby, I get teary, and then we squeal thinking about how soon she'll be here!

Time keeps ticking....


  1. It;s so exiting to read your blog about the pregnancy. I;m just in week 12 .....
    Stop by the blog and say hi! :)

    1. Awww, congratulations!! You're in for a fun ride (at least I think so!)

  2. You're almost there! I loved doing little baby laundry - it is the best! Enjoy this close time with her now because it's a whole different (but still wonderful) world in a few weeks!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Trying my best, it's so exciting and overwhelming at the same time!


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