Week 36 Recap: Four More of Four

Monday, November 10, 2014

Four more weeks of the just the four of us. 

Two humans, two cats. Good even numbers. It's a little bittersweet thinking of this life we've had for so long changing so drastically so soon. It's been a good run. Eleven years of couch cuddles (one lap for each cat!), family cocktail hour on the balcony during warm summer nights, silly routines like Mojito always having to be in the bathroom when I shower, or Petey always sneaking and getting himself locked in the closet. Though hopefully these things remain intact, we'll have a new girl in town, and as Faith Hill would say, a baby changes everything. I've loved this life of four, and as excited (and almost ready) as I am to begin our life of five, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the passing of this portion. 

I had this portrait made for Alex a few Valentine's ago and it hangs in our living room gallery wall. Often I see it and think, "That's my little family." and wonder how it's possible. Having a family of your own is such an adult thing to do! Because there are times, despite having and doing things that adults do, that I still don't feel like one. Plus, I'm a thinker, a ponderer. I'm emotional and sentimental. Memories are my favorite and I do lots of wondering and remembering. My brain is always on. So these days, it's a swirl of excitement, anxiety, reminiscing, and planning. As much as I love the picture above, the idea that one day, we'll have another portrait made which will include our newest member is enough to make me squeal out loud. Savoring the last of bits of this transition time while simultaneously gearing up for our future of five, floods me with emotion and a feeling of something I just can't wrap my head around. 

But one (ok, two) things are for sure - four wasn't a bore, and five will be alive! 


  1. Such a cute post and such a sweet illustration. Really excited for you guys - you're on the final count down.

  2. Johanna said it perfectly–this is just wonderful!


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