3rd Annual Michigan Winery Tour

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I can't think of a better way to kick off fall than with a winery tour. Luckily, our friends feel the same and over the weekend we embarked upon our 3rd Annual Winery Tour! (Check out the 1st and 2nd annual as well!) The weather was crisp and perfect for sipping some vino and spending time with buds. (I wore a jacket and scarf for the first time this season, cozy!) We also stumbled upon a harvest farm full of the sights of fall - pumpkins, Halloween decor, a corn maze... it was another amazing adventure. I cherish moments like these so much. 

If you're looking for a Chicago day trip getaway here are some of our favorite stops:

Journeyman Distillery (it was recently a photo shoot location for CB2!) (They'll be at the next Dose Market!)

And there are plenty more to pick from here! (We also like to camp in the area as well.)

So let's hear it folks... red or white? Or equal opportunity imbiber??


  1. That looks like such a fun day and you look gorgeous as always :)

  2. I think that day was pretty much perfect :-)

  3. Love Round Barn. I go there every year!

  4. My husband and I took our first wine tour in Michigan this summer. We stayed at the Vineyard Inn in Sutton's Bay, which was rustic yet cozy, but the views of the lake were amazing and the food at the restaurant was delicious!

    Our favorite Vineyards were - Bel Lago and Forty Five North.

    Will have to check out the ones that you've suggested here.

    Xo- Christy


  5. Well you were kind of in my hood here :) And girl you look gorgeous in these photos! What a fun weekend!

  6. You took such great pics, Ash. I love that you guys do this annually!

  7. you have such a fun life! I feel like the two of you are ALWAYS on the move. love it! this looks perfect, I LOVE the setting and the photography in general- everything is so gorgeous. I'll keep the list ideas in my back pocket :)


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