Week 37 Recap: Big 'Ol Bump

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh my goodness, how is it possible we're already at this point?! Here's what's happened in week 37:

  • The Midwife felt around my belly and asked if anyone in my family is long and lean. When I said yes, a few folks, she said that's what the baby's size and shape feels like. Then she added, "It's easier to birth a noodle than a brick." I'll take it! 
  • Swelling. I know I need more water, it's just hard to drink sometimes. I forget, or feel stuffed. My feet aren't ginormous but most of my shoes and socks are snug and my fingers stiff and sore in the mornings.
  • I've had a few labor and delivery dreams, most of them err on the negative side. (In one, I used our secret epidural code word before I even got checked in to the hospital.) For some reason I keep dreaming that I'm really bad at it!  I guess we'll find out soon... 
  • There is sooo much happening in the bump. Between baby girl squirming more often than not, Braxton Hicks contractions, and heartburn, my stomach is as crazy as after hours club on Saturday night. And I'm feeling a lot like a ticking time bomb. 
  • Getting up and around takes help and time. Between not being able to bend or being out of breath I've relinquished to the fact that things are just going to take a lot more effort and longer than usual. It's frustrating but temporary. 

Knowing that this babe could decide to make her exit any minute from this point on is exciting and terrifying! 


  1. Have I been away too long or did the blog get a beautiful makeover in anticipation of your beautiful baby girl?

    1. It did! It was high time for a makeover... :)


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