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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You might have noticed that posts have been pretty slow around here, different in nature or lacking in theme. I've been meaning to write an official post about what's happening but it's been hard to find the proper expression. When I spotted this quote from my favorite fashion philanthropist, it hit me. What does this blog mean to me, what do I want out of it, and what do I want to give it's visitors?

Little Girl, Big World has changed a few times since it's inception - hello... it started as paper goods, took a turn for some fun finds, tried fashion for a moment, and now, it's ready for soul. The things I've blogged about in the past don't feel quite as satisfying to me anymore for different reasons. I don't regret or take back any of it, I guess it's just changed and grown as I, and my world has. Right now, the most important things in my life are and need to be: nurturing the ones I love and enjoying life in the present. I want to look back and remember things we did, a collection of experiences, not what It items were on my wishlist. (Besides, we've got Pinterest for that now, thank goodness.)  I'm not quitting or even taking a break, but I am sharing what you can expect, which is: posts that may pop up daily, or skip a week. More photo's and stories, less roundups like this (which makes me somewhat sad, but between the research and design layouts, they just eat up so much precious time that, if I'm being honest, I'd rather spend elsewhere than behind a computer.)

When I named this blog, it was based on a years ago journal entry and I never imaged how my life would slowly take on this title - travel, experiences and challenges have shaped me in the last year and while I hope this "announcement" doesn't alienate anyone, I have to be true to me. If I'm being honest, there's no real game plan behind this either, it just felt time to say something, because until this moment, things have felt a little veiled. I've read the forums and how-to's, I'm aware that inconsistent posts, lack of direction, and randomness can be the kiss of death for a blog, and at this moment, I'm ok with that. I'll keep writing, Mom will keep reading and that's alright with me.

Thanks as always, for your support and companionship, even if I've only met 3 of you in real life and stalk the rest on Instagram. I won't stop visiting your blogs and enjoying them, and you're always welcome here, for whatever it is I've got going on.


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