This bag is happiness.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've never (honestly, never) been compelled to run out a purchase something at first sight. I usually research (is there a better deal) and debate over it (do I really need it?) (also known as, take all the fun out of it) and ultimately forget. But when my eye spotted this bag, there was no going back. It was love. And the thought that instantly popped in my mind was "this bag is happiness." It's simply a must. have.

(I know this post might sound a little shallow... I don't truly believe material things are the real source of happiness. But it is super fun and in my favorite color. A little surface happiness can't hurt in moderation.)

P.S. More love for yellow.


  1. Go get it! If you never feel that urge to just go purchase seems like you deserve to do it once and a while.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. I ran out and bought the penny in cognac–sadly, it was one of those splurges that didn't quite work out since it didn't match any of my browns, but those tassels broke my heart!

  3. Across my body or on one shoulder it's simple but fabulous at the same time. It has lots of space, I can fit many things into this leather hobo bags. Blue is attractive, leather is in rich color. In a word, best hobo bag in I ever meet!


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