Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia  January 2013

"When we become consumed with the pervading idea that we lack things, we slowly become blind to what it is that we already have, and we become ungrateful for the gifts we have." 

Whether it's the latest "It" bag, a bigger house, or a better body, we all struggle with some type of wish within us. Sometimes goop gets a bad rap, but I'm a huge fan, especially of the somewhat self-help-esque articles. After my recent travels this one about jealously really struck a chord. (Scroll 2/3rds down the page) These days, many of the things that fill the bulk of our time (blogs, Pinterest, Instagram) are constant reminders of the beautiful things others have, and just how much we're "missing". Sometimes it's hard to find balance in the midst of this want more, need more world. In an effort to combat that destructive cycle, I'm trying little things, like finding the joy in things that are so common, we forget just how amazing they are. For example, being able to turn on the water to brush my teeth or wash my face, instead of carrying two buckets on my back several times a day. It does help shift my perspective and whatever I'm worried about or wishing for seems smaller. 

We are so lucky and we forget it so often.

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