Fall 2010 Cosmetics Trend Show

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Saturday, Brooke and I attended the Fall 2010 Cosmetics Trend Show at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue.

Cosmetics and skin care are an extension of fashion and should be just as fun! And fun is exactly what it was. Starting with a runway show which was more of an interactive seminar hosted by Julianne De'Chaump, Nordstrom's Midwest beauty and fragrance director, a line up of gorgeous models graced the stage wearing Fall's great trend - black, grey and jewel toned burgundy. Over 2 hours, brand reps from all your favorite lines gave us quick tips and insight into new products and fall trends. And giveaways galore! (Note to self, be first in line next year to get a great seat...) 

It was so exciting (I'm such a girl :) and I could write for weeks about everything we saw and learned so I thought I would share just a few highlights if you would like to read...

  • One word we heard over and over...SERUM. Nearly every brand has one and there's something for every budget. I recently started using this one and I can't get enough. But what exactly is a serums you ask? Well friend, serums deposit added nutrients into your skin. They have smaller molecules than a moisturizer and can penetrate deeper giving you almost instant visible results.  Their lightweight gel formula is perfect for use under moisturizer or alone.

  • Eye creams were on everyone's list as well. Clarins taught us to apply yours to 3 fingers and press 3 times under the eye starting at the inside out, then repeating on the top of the lid to brow.  

  • Speaking of eyes, the smokey eye trend is back and even better. Instead of grays/blacks of last year try navy and silver this year. Paired with a coral cheek and lip it makes a stunning modern makeup statement.

  • Lashes are luscious. Julianne suggested layering mascara for different effect. Combine a volumizer with a lengthening formula, etc. And don't forget about MAC for pro falsies application - and instant face-lift!

  • Red is an accessory. Nothing pairs better with winter blacks/grays. If lips are too much for you, try it on the nails. (As a no-chip manicure addict I have to say that my favorite is red. You'd be surprised what a versatile color it is!) 

  • Let's not forget about fragrance! The best place to wear it? In your hair. Woody, heavy floral scents are the notes for Fall 2010.

  • Beauty from within was a hot topic as well. Bobbi Brown's rep stressed the importance of water. Hydration equals plump firm skin so fill up on the H20!

After the show we headed to Estee Lauder where we were treated to the new smokey eye application. I went with a dramatic vibrant smokey (see below), Brooke chose a taupey daytime smokey. So many ways to wear it!

A person could get lost in the all the information (which we did)! Luckily, reps and artists were present to answer questions, test products and share their favorite tips. It was an honor to chat with Ross Burton, beauty guru/makeup artist to Oprah. So handsome and charming and easy to talk to.

If you have the opportunity to attend a similar show I highly recommend it. In addition the fun activities and general girlie-ness, the deals are ah-may-zing. Gifts with purchase out the wazoo!! I purchased and sampled a few new products (notice I said a few... golf clap please, the temptation was irresistible!) I plan to share my product experiences with you soon!

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  1. I would have loved to attend this! Such great brands! I use a Vitamin C Serum called Vivier and I love it.

    P.S. I think you mean Fall 2011 not 2010 ; )


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