Chicago Fashion Foundation's Annual Membership Event

Monday, September 20, 2010

On Thursday, September 16th the Chicago Fashion Foundation held it's Annual Membership Event at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. Attendees received gift bags filled with goodies, mingled with fellow fashion supporters and were delighted to get a bit of fashion industry insight from guest speaker Barbara Glass. Here are a few photos from the event...

Thanks to all the CFF board members and volunteers 
for making the event a success! ( You can view more of our photo's here.)

After the event Alex and I headed over to Joe's Bar (a little overdressed but c'est la vie...) to meet our friend John. He plays in country music singer Troy Olsen's band and wow! do they sound incredible live!

With Troy - isn't he a cutie??  
A talented songwriter (Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton anyone?) his own hit song 'Summer Thing' has been making the country music rounds lately.

Want more music? Check out John's wife Natasha Borzilova. Formerly of Bering Straight, Natasha's brand new album 'Balancing Act' releases tomorrow! With a voice so clear and beautiful it has honestly brought me to tears, she sings mostly in English but did grace the album with one Russian song, Recha. How I love it so! You can listen to some of her music here. We've been lucky enough to hear her perform at venue's from the Grand Old Opry to casually bursting into song among friends and each time I'm in awe. Go give her a listen!


  1. You two look fantastic, and this looks like such a fun night out!

  2. Looks like a fun night and how stunning are you?!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. looks like it was a great night! and lovely dress!!


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