100 Days

Thursday, March 12, 2015

When I was pregnant I heard about the 100 days celebration, which is meaningful in Korean culture, and loved how the custom has developed through time. Years ago, lots of babies wouldn't survive past 100 days so if they reached that milestone it was considered something to celebrate. Now days, Korean families still observe the occasion, inviting lots of friends and family and sharing special food for good luck. Even though we don't have Korean ties in our bloodlines, I loved the idea of adopting it, albeit on a much smaller scale.  Alex, myself, and my mom had dinner together, and mainly talked about how awesome E is, how much she's grown, and oogled at her adorableness.

Saying 100 days feels big and small. It's a small chunk of an entire life, but for 100 days she's been my entire life. And I am loving this new world with her.

100 days of watching her grow. 
And watching us grow into parents. 
100 days of being grateful. 
Of being amazed by it all. 
100 sweet mornings. 
(And 99 sometimes sleepless nights.) 
100 days of a new kind of love. 

Happy 100th day my sweetest squish!

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