Feeling Lucky

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day was a little different this year, but that's quite alright, because we've got the cutest little leprechaun in our lives! Before Evelina was even born, my cousin, Britt, bought all kinds of theme-y outfits (that's kind of our thing) for her first year. And it's been a blast watching her grow into them with the passing of each holiday. I'm a celebrator by nature, so I couldn't have asked for a sweeter gift for me, or E.

St. Patrick's Day is a huge deal in Chicago. Last year, Britt was visiting with us and we did the usual shenanigans. St. Pat's in Tennessee is a little less intense but we still dressed up for a few photo's and my mom kept E while Alex and I hung out a local brewery for a bit. I certainly missed the green river and our friends awesome costumes but baby's first experience of going green pretty darn swell. So glad she tolerates me.

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